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19 Oct, 2012


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I follow the boards at 3FC, which I fondly refer to as the “fatty forum” and I’ve realized a lot just reading other people’s thoughts and journeys. Quite frankly, it makes me sad. Sad for them. Sad for me. Sad for all of us struggling. People have an unrealistic expectation for weight loss and it […]

20 Aug, 2012

A Myriad of Emotions

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Well, tri #2 is done and it was amazing. I learned some valuable lessons, though. Fatties get WAY too serious when racing. It’s uncomfortable. At least I feel uncomfortable. Oh boo hoo, I said “fatties.” I am a fellow fatty, I can use that term. Now, here’s my problem. The thinner people that compete can […]

14 Aug, 2012

Thinspiration Camp: Where Calories Go To Die

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It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been here…. The last time I was here I weighed 216, I got down to 210 and then went through some shit and now I’m back at 226. I’ve started Synthroid and I tried out for a work related “The Biggest Loser” program called Slimpossible. I was not […]

02 Mar, 2012

Not Giving a Shit Has Worked Wonders For Me…

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Until now. 216. Still 216. My husband says to not be hard on myself, I was sick for 3 days, my routine was off, etc. etc. I use to quit when I didn’t lose but this just infuriates me to the point of wanting it even more. I’d like to see 212 this coming Friday. […]

01 Mar, 2012

Whiskey and Cheddar Bay Biscuits

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I’ve had an interestingly terrible day. This morning I decided to try out the spin bikes all by myself since there wasn’t a class going on. When I got on the bike I couldnt help but see the bike yellow sign on it that said MAXIMUM WEIGHT: 300lbs. My heart skipped a beat and I […]

28 Feb, 2012

An Emo Kind of Illness

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I didn’t dare go to the gym since I can’t stop coughing today and I fear I may actually die. This is where my problem comes in though. I feel like a “quitter” when I don’t go and I hate that feeling. I usually end up forcing myself to go, get sicker and then stop going […]

Oh weekend. How do you fly by so quickly? Friday night we went to Chili’s for dinner and then saw “This Means War” with the In-Laws. Dinner was ok…I suppose. I somehow accepted having a whiskey and diet and then also agreed to doing a shot of Jagger before we left for the movie. Even […]

24 Feb, 2012

Boob Jobs and Blueberries

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Weigh in day! 216….for a lovely -2lbs this week! I am quite pleased with it. This brings my total loss to -109lbs. My goal is to see 199 by my triathlon (May 19th, 2012) and then 175 by early September (Labor Day) and 150 by my Christmas. I found a picture of myself sprawled out on […]

23 Feb, 2012

Whose Idea Was This?

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Did I piss people off yesterday? You can leave nasty comments too. 🙂 I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy silence after an excruciating work out. It gives me time to process and take it all in. To be proud of myself, to reconnect. All of that hokey bullshit. I had just completed […]

Disclaimer: I am going to piss some people off. My bad. …and I also don’t do the whole lent thing. (I was born and raised Catholic for 18 years. And the day I turned 18 my mom stopped going to mass and proclaimed it was all a sham so I could have the opportunity to […]


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