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10 Sep, 2012

Eat to Win…err…Eat to Lose?

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I’ve been informed I don’t eat enough, which is why I’m always struggling with my weight loss. I’ve been eating 1300-1500 calories a day, but I work out 5-6 times a week and burn around 1000 calories each time. I ultimately end up netting 300-500 calories a day, which means by body is in starvation […]

31 Aug, 2012

Ups and Downs

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I gained 3lbs this week… I can look at this two ways: be really upset or move on. I’ll move on. I used to get really upset, but I can’t do that anymore. It’s too taxing and draining to do. I worked out and I ate healthily….(just not enough.) I’m not quite sure why or […]

01 Mar, 2012

Whiskey and Cheddar Bay Biscuits

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I’ve had an interestingly terrible day. This morning I decided to try out the spin bikes all by myself since there wasn’t a class going on. When I got on the bike I couldnt help but see the bike yellow sign on it that said MAXIMUM WEIGHT: 300lbs. My heart skipped a beat and I […]

29 Feb, 2012

One Small Victory For My Kind

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I went home from work early yesterday to prepare for my eminent death and promptly read the rest of Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. I survived the night. My husband said he’d cook so I didn’t contaminate all the food. We ordered Chinese. (Things like that remind me why I love him.) He’s good about it, too. He’s […]

Oh weekend. How do you fly by so quickly? Friday night we went to Chili’s for dinner and then saw “This Means War” with the In-Laws. Dinner was ok…I suppose. I somehow accepted having a whiskey and diet and then also agreed to doing a shot of Jagger before we left for the movie. Even […]

24 Feb, 2012

Boob Jobs and Blueberries

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Weigh in day! 216….for a lovely -2lbs this week! I am quite pleased with it. This brings my total loss to -109lbs. My goal is to see 199 by my triathlon (May 19th, 2012) and then 175 by early September (Labor Day) and 150 by my Christmas. I found a picture of myself sprawled out on […]

21 Feb, 2012

Why you got so much fattitude?

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I’ve always talked about writing a fatty girl blog and I’ve never done it. I guess now is as good of a time as ever. So, what is fattitude? To sum it up, me: being unapologetically fat. I’ve never taken anyone’s shit about it and I’ve always maintained a strong sense of self and a […]

so I started drinking my whiskey straight up. Any questions?


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