Life Changes Unexpectedly

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As I had mentioned before, I had to leave my job up North to come home and take care of some family issues and in the meantime, I also had to find myself another full-time job closer to home. At first, things were a little rocky around here with me not being home for almost 3 months, but as I got a lot of cleaning¬† and job searching done, things have started to fall back into place. Last week, I happened to get a call from our local Holiday Inn folks regarding a resume I had emailed them the day before. So I went to the interview¬† last Thursday and before I’d even gotten home after the interview, they’d called me back telling me I’d gotten the job for housekeeping. Now mind you, it was supposed to only be part-time but I can’t afford to be choosey at this time so I accepted the job and started work this past Saturday. So much for part-time hours though! From what I’ve found out so far, I’m part-time on paper but working full-time hours until things slow down at the hotel. And because I’m willing to be flexible and help out where I can, the boss will keep me working in other areas of the hotel during the off season to ensure I get full-time work on a regular basis. So it seems to have all worked out in the job area for the time being.

As far as the ex-husband issue, I’m still trying to fill out my response for the court date set for August 30th where my ex is being a real “ex”! (if you know what I mean!) Since I am not familiar with family law nor the legal jargon they use, I am completely at a loss as to how to proceed, other than being honest and forthcoming since I’ve nothing to hide. I just wish the guy would leave us alone and let the kids make their own decisions regarding his claim to “fatherhood”. I’ve only got a few more days to complete my response and without some much needed professional direction, I’m relying heavily on prayer and honesty to get me through this time.

Now for the weight thing…. Well, since I had been working up North, I had lost about 35lbs but had gained some back during my first week back home. I’m still sitting around 235lbs but at least I’m not gaining anymore! And working as a housekeeper at the Holiday Inn is also now helping me to tone up, lose weight and stay busy. It’s ALL GOOD!!!

On a side note: I may not be losing the pounds as quickly as I would expect but I’ve definitely lost inches off my body. I had measured myself before I left in May and again last week and found out I’ve now lost a total of 12 inches just from my waistline so I must be doing something right! My face is thinner, I am able to see muscle definition on my legs and arms too. I’ve still got a long way to go but thank goodness I was tracking my measurements as well otherwise I’d be pretty discouraged with the scale right now.

Weather: Rainy and overcast – my kind of weather

Mood: amused and somewhat bewildered

Sleep: sleeping hard and not getting enough as usual

Physical: Keeping up appearances

Activities: housekeeping- 8hrs = 1771cals burned

Total Calories Allowed: 1741cal

Total Calories Consumed: 1908cal – I splurged today and had some pepperoni pizza for the first time in months. I’m seeing that pizza is NOT a good food choice at all! I won’t be having pizza again anytime soon!


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