taking it beyond..

Long sigh. I really blew it yesterday. I just couldn’t stop eating. All sorts of junk and then more junk. I was so irritated, so ticked off about things at work and tired, very tired, and yet I had to keep working. Ok, I know these are excuses, but they are my worst triggers. And now, what do I have for it? More irritation, more stress and now it’s aimed directly at me. 

So, enough at last! I am NOT going to beat myself up. I just have to find a more intelligent way of dealing with all the crap that happens in life and especially at work. 

But, I’m also not going to pretend that losing weight is such a wonderful, fantastic, godawful thing that sticking to my plan is going to make things rosy. No, not at all. It’ll just be a little thing, that some days will make me feel a bit better. But a bit better doesn’t mean good. Deal with it.

I’ve got to take things way beyond myself and my petty desires.

Back on things today. Trudge, trudge.

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