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Song – Stronger

I sometimes think in song and so it has been fun to find songs that to me work really well for this weight loss journey.

Lately, it has been Stronger by Kelly Clarkson. This really should be the anthem for weight loss. It would actually be great as an exercise video but to me I envision a story of a woman who was overweight and low energy and bummed. Then over time she starts to exercise and diet and with each step she takes towards a newer and healthier her, she grows stronger. Less weight. More energy. More confidence. Improved hair and make up. Better career. Etc, etc. To me this song or the feeling behind it could be an anthem for weight loss. It does not have to be. It simply could be an anthem for any woman growing stronger on her journey.

No journey worth it is easy but there are bumps and challenges and setbacks and with each step you tackle a hurdle, you move forward, you grow stronger and feel better. You can see it in the video. It really has some power and Kelly Clarkson really has a powerful voice. I first heard it on that car commercial with those 3 other guys. I just love that commercial. Then one day I was leaving my house and heard the song on the radio. It really made my day. But, as I was approaching home it came back on again. I was like, this is it. This is the song.



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  1. i came to your blog searching through google, and i’m glad i found it because it’s helping me a lot.

  2. I would love to hear how it is helping you. This was an interesting and powerful journey for me. And you?

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