Up and at em!

Another day…more cleaning.  Today I want to get the hall closet cleaned out and throw out a bunch of books that are not only IN the bookshelf in the living room but also on top of it and stacked beside it.  I’m loath to throw out books.  I don’t know why.  I have no problem throwing out old DVDs and old CDs but I tend to collect and hang on to too many books.

Little sister is planning on having a yard sale and I guess I’ll send them to her.  Along with a ton of other stuff I keep setting aside.  Yesterday’s haul included five cookbooks, a set of Flintstones mugs (where did they come from and why were they stashed in the back of the top shelf of the cabinet?), a sterling silver cup that has “Johnathan Stewart Ware” engraved on it, (who the Hell is Jonathan Stewart Ware??)  five sets of salt and pepper shakers, a file cabinet, a stack of old clothes and a bunch of Christmas tins.  Why do we have all this junk????

Ex DIL is asleep out in the RV.  I sent her out there last night.  I’m not sure what the story is with her.  She showed up at 6:00 and apologized for not coming early like she said she would but proceeded to tell me about a job interview that she went to where she sat for 2 1/2 hours before being called back and told that they don’t have any openings.  She said, I figured I’d take a bus over here, spend the night and help you all day tomorrow.  I know her existence is dismal.  Car is broke down and needs a new transmission, air conditioning is out in her apartment, her sister and her niece have moved in with her, and she’s barely scraping by.  Thank God DGD, Holly, is spending the summer with dad traveling all over the country.

So DIL ate dinner, didn’t offer to do the dishes, went out for a swim, watched some TV and then went out to sleep in the air-conditioned RV.  I wonder what time she’ll get up?

Lest you think I’m heartless, you should know that both my ex DILs have put me through the wringer.  I’ve raised two of this one’s boys for the last nine years without any support at all from her or my son.  I asked her to claim them on her taxes the year before last so they would be eligible for Pell Grants for college and she was supposed to give us the $3,000 she got back in taxes for claiming them.  Instead, she took all the money and didn’t give us a penny.  I pretty much cut her off after that but I still do what I can to help with DGD, Holly.  I took Holly to the orthodontist a couple of weeks ago and DIL said she feels so bad about taking that money that she’d like to do something to make up for it.  She said, “I know you always do a total house-cleaning every summer when school lets out and I’d like to come over every Monday and Wednesday to help you out.”  I agreed but, so far, she’s only helped out for two hours and it’s been pretty aggravating.

On the diet front, I had a hard time with food yesterday.  Not in over-indulging but in the opposite extreme.  My Fitness Pal says I should consume 1,400 calories per day.  I was shocked yesterday evening when I entered my intake for the day and found that I’d only eaten 400 calories.  I’d been so busy I hadn’t paid much attention to it and I was almost ready for bed.  I ate yogurt for breakfast, a handful of cherries and a lite tossed salad for lunch, half a broiled chicken breast, another salad and some steamed broccoli for dinner.  I was frustrated and put together a flour tortilla shell with some low fat cheese and jalapenos and mixed a little salsa with an avocado.  Ate that and then felt stupid.  Like “why am I eating something like this when I’m not even hungry just to add some calories to the day’s intake?”  I’m going to try to be more cognizant of what I’m eating today.

And now, it’s time for me to get going.  I wonder if I should send one of the boys out to the RV to wake up DIL?  It might be less of a hassle to just leave her there.


kosherveganchick says 14th June @ 10:25

You should publish your blog in book form.

Joy says 15th June @ 7:29

Deep cleaning can be a great workout. Plus getting rid of clutter and stuff (garage sale or salvation army) always makes me feel better. 🙂
I think mine said i have to keep my calories at least 1,200 calories or i will put my body into starvation mode. So I kind of get why they say this. Keep up the great work. We can do this! This is our summer chickie!

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