So what is bright and early?  Yesterday, ex DIL said she would be here “bright and early” to help me clean house.  She got here at 2:30 and went home at 4:30.  It’s going to take her a long, long time to pay me back $3,000 by working those hours.  Granted; she worked pretty good while she was here but still…

Today, my little sister said she’ll be here bright and early.  She lives out of town and is bringing her two foster kids to swim and sit in the spa.  I was sleeping soooo good. (Thank you, Tylenol PM) and dragged myself out of bed at 8:00.  We’ll see what her interpretation of bright and early turns out to be.  She’s losing one of her foster kids next Wednesday when she’ll go to live with her dad and interviewing a new one today.  I’ll watch the two she has while she goes to meet the other one. 

The 10 year old girl that she has now (the one who’s going back to her dad next week) went for her regularly scheduled appointment with her psychiatrist yesterday and the shrink told her she needs to go on a diet and eat 1,000 calories a day.  What??? She weighs 165 which is way too much for a 4′ 8″ girl but I don’t think it’s the shrinks place to tell her she needs to go on a diet and she absolutely should not be limited to 1,000 calories a day. 

I did a google search for caloric requirements for children and the site said for her age, height and weight, she should aim for 1600 calories.  That sounds more like it.  Still, little sister is angry that the shrink told her to go on a diet in the first place.  And I don’t blame her.  The kid is dealing with her mother having drug issues and going to live with her father who lives four states away and she’s only met ten or twelve times in her entire life and then she gets told to go on a diet?  What’s wrong with people?  I say, teach her about healthy choices, throw her little butt in the pool and buy her a bicycle and helmet.

On the other hand, about the subject of weight, I’m hanging in there.  Finding it a hassle to use another site to enter my meals because something as simple as a salad has to be entered as a portion of romaine lettuce, another entry for a tomato, another for shredded carrots, another for the dressing, etc.  I may go back to just keeping track of it on here.  The hassle of entering everything on My Fitness Pal has made an easy task difficult and time consuming.  I ate healthy yesterday but didn’t enter all my food in the food diary because I didn’t want to fool with it.  Anyway, for the day, I had:

Breakfast: hard-boiled egg and 8 oz. tomato juice

Lunch – salad with romaine, tomato, a little bit of leftover grilled chicken breast, lite vineagrete and a teaspoon of Salad Crispings

Dinner – grilled ginger pork loin (in My Favorite Recipes), sliced tomato, baked apples with Splenda and cinnamon, and a one cup portion of scampi noodles.

Snack – a pear and a half cup frozen yogurt.

I guess I need to go to the other site and crank out the calorie total.  Then I’ll come back here and fill it in.  I didn’t get in the pool yesterday to do my laps because it was cloudy, rainy and chilly.  Today is supposed to be a lot better.

Later, chicklets!


laura705 says 12th June @ 11:12

That was rather irresponsible of the shrink to advise on the girl’s calorie intake, definitely.

I agree that logging food in those sites can be tedious, but I’m trying to keep at it with the thought that if I keep adding to “favorites” and grouping items as meals, that it should eventually get easier. When I think back to when I used to have a calorie counter paperback book listing the foods/brands and keeping my totals manually…I think these online site make it quite a bit easier. Good luck!

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