One Woman’s Purse

It tells a story.  And I don’t like the story. 

I broke a nail the other day and started digging through my purse for an emery board.  I didn’t have one.  I had a big old clunky purse that functions about as well as a grocery bag.  Everything goes to the bottom and winds up in a big pile of junk.  I decided it was time to throw it out and start using another purse. 

As I sorted and organized, I came to some unsettling conclusions.  A woman’s purse tells who we are.  And I don’t like who I am right now.  Here’s what my purse would have contained just a few short years ago:

a small makeup bag for touchups
emery boards, a nail block and polish
a wallet
assorted hair items (clips, barrettes, brush…depending on the length and style)
a cell phone for emergencies
car keys

Here’s what my purse contains now:
a wallet
Aleve (for arthritis)
pads (for controlling leaks)
three pair of reading glasses from the “Everything’s a Dollar” store
nail clippers
car keys
coffee stir sticks (I collect them and chew when I want a cigarette)
a cell phone (which I still think of as an emergency device)
One of those plastic ring things to hold up my bra straps
a package of safety pins
At least 15 cards (My kroger card, my Rite Aide card, my Speedway card, etc…)
Blood Pressure meds, cholesterol meds, hormone meds, and Chantix
Prilosec OTC

So I ask you…when did this happen?  When did my purse stop being a girl thing and turn into a medicine bag?  I really don’t like the implications.  Sigh….

Another thing I don’t like…doing a half-ass job of losing weight.  Yeah, I’ve lost some.  I’m down to 199.5 and I’m really relieved to be back in the onesies because I don’t ever want to cross that 200 line again.  Still, I’m not doing everything I need to do and I know it.  I’ve taken two weeks to lose a couple of pounds and I should have done that in a week. 

It’s because I’m not exercising.  I’m procrastinating.  I know I have to exercise and, the strange thing is, I like exercising.  It’s just that it’s difficult to make the committment.  Difficult to dedicate the time to it.  I’d rather watch TV or play on the computer.

Today is different.  I’m going to get my workout room cleaned up and will not go to bed tonight until I have my room ready to go and have worked out. 

That’s my commitment for today.



brseay says 26th September @ 16:39

Thank you so much for the amazing comment on my blog. You are one person who probably truly understands what I’m going through b/c you’re a teacher and b/c of what you went through with your granddaughter. I’m sorry that either one of us has to be in that club but it’s nice to know that someone “knows”.

So let’s be support for each other. I’m going to try adding an extra 200 calories to my day b/c part of my problem is that I get hungry at night and once I start snacking it’s hard to stop. If I budget those extra calories I don’t feel like I’m cheating and throw in the towel. Adding 200 calories on purpose is way better than eating 1000 by accident. I know, you can’t eat 1000 calories by accident but you know what I mean 🙂

sunnydaze says 27th September @ 13:15

Cute post and oh, how true. Just think, with weight loss you can probably get rid of 3 of the meds in your purse.
Good for you for cleaning up the workout room, it should def. give you motivation. I always think that my weight loss is taking too long, as well. At least we never give up. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Sarah @ Low Stress Weight Loss says 28th September @ 17:45

I like the purse story – although maybe there are areas here you can work on… I found that keeping my nails nice is one of the things I need to do to keep a lot of other self care things in check. I don’t know why letting my nails go is the gateway drug to letting it all go, but it is…

I also force myself at even the lowest moments to use those tinted lip glosses instead of pure chapstick to have just a small amount of ‘i give a damn’ projected to the mirror, even when part of me is really fighting it…

All told, I think the absence of those cigarettes is a real victory not to be diminished, and it’s normal that you’re not going 200% after fast weight loss & intense exercise when you have so much else going on in your life.

Joy says 29th September @ 6:13

I am not sure I want to know what is in my purse/diaperbag LOL

beerab says 29th September @ 11:17

Good job on getting back under 200 🙂

optimismconfidencelaughter says 3rd October @ 22:49

I hear you. I actually enjoy exercising and LOVED to walk. Now suddenly I get sore knees if I walk too much. What the heck is THAT all about? I stopped carrying a large purse for your very reason AND it starts to hurt my shoulders after a while. As an aside, I once found a round emery board (maybe at Sally’s?) and put it in with my license so that I can always access it quickly.

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