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Can’t really think of anything exciting going on today.  The most exciting thing yesterday was a new battery for my laptop.  Mine stopped working last April and I’ve been waiting for a new one since then.  I’ve had to keep it plugged in and the second I unplugged it, it shut down.  Pitiful, Arrogant, Upchuck Lowlife is in charge of ordering them and he swears that he’s had it ordered since I first filled out a work order last April.  At any rate, it finally came in and I feel absolutely untethered!  Of course, now the left button on my track pad has worn through, has a hole in the plastic covering and sticks occasionally.  I guess I can put in a work order but it might be obsolete by the time some one comes to fix it. 

I’ve been trying to figure out what to fix for Thanksgiving dinner.  DH has decided not to pull the car to Florida so I know he’s not going to want to unhook the RV and run to town a lot.  My neighbor in Florida is a total sweetheart and I know she’ll let us use her car if we need to but she’s gone almost all the time.  Guess I should go ahead and figure out what we’ll need and take it all with us.  I’ve got a turkey breast in the freezer and six spiral cut hams (I got them on a fantastic sale) but Mom LOVES the way I fix pork tenderloin with mango chipotle sauce so I might fix that.  I really want to avoid going overboard this year.  After all, it’s just DH, Mom and I.  Still, DH has his favorites and Mom has hers.  DH wants homemade yeast rolls but I don’t want to do that at the cabin.  Too much work and very little room.  Maybe I can talk him into homemade biscuits.  Mom loves corn casserole and that’s an easy preparation but she also loves sweet potato casserole and DH can’t have it because he’s diabetic.  Wonder if Mom would be able to tell the difference if I make it with Splenda instead of brown sugar…

I’m rambling.  Better get off here and get ready for work.  I’m taking a sick day Friday because I have a doctor’s appointment and decided to take it on a Friday.  If I have to take off, I might as well make it a long weekend.  Get today and tomorrow over with and the week is over!


Joy says 18th November @ 6:58

Maybe if you use splendra in it and sprinkle just a tad of brown sugar on top to give it that carmel look?

round says 18th November @ 10:12

The mango chipolte pork loin sounds delicious — do you have a recipe you can share easily?

I’m not doing thanksgiving this year. I think every other year is more than enough. I have to forget how much work it is before I attempt it again…

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