The Go-Go Chick Award is given to those who make me feel exhausted just reading their posts!  “I have to get up at 4:00, work out on the rowing machine for an hour, breastfeed the baby, wake up the hubby and iron the kids clothes while I’m fixing them breakfast, take them to school and then head to the office where I do the work of twenty five people and eat lunch on the treadmill, come home and help the kids with homework while fixing a low fat, low carb, heart healthy dinner!”

If you’ve received this award, it’s because you are Da Bomb!!! You have a LOT to be proud of!  Even though your life is incredibly full and your cup overfloweth, you still manage to exercise and eat healthy.  YOU just totally ROCK!


brseay says 29th October @ 16:20

You crack me up! I don’t know that I deserve the award this week since I just demolished McDonalds but I’ll be back in the saddle soon.

firefly says 1st November @ 12:08

Thanks Patty. I will work hard to be worthy of this… cause the last few days I’ve been a total slacker!! I read all that and thought “I’m so glad my breastfeeding days are over!” LOL!!

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