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The Sistahs met for dinner last night at Saki Blue.  Lovely restaurant with red and black decor and sushi chefs working hard to make everything look too good to eat.  We did eat it though and it was delicious.  Jana got there first and ordered edamane beans for starters and warm saki.  I enjoyed two thimble sized servings of saki.  No more than 2 oz. total and we shared the entrees.  I didn’t worry about calories (don’t know how you’d figure them for what we had) but it was all healthy so I’m not going to worry about it.  It was nice to get with the girls and we already set a date for a night out next month.

DS read an article that said dieters who had 6 oz. of tomato juice with breakfast every day lost 20% more weight than those who didn’t.  I went out and bought 3 large cans of it yesterday.  If I drink it with breakfast, lunch and dinner, will I lose 60% more than those who don’t?   The article didn’t say anything about dieters who take an evening off to enjoy saki and sushi. 

I don’t know where the time went this morning but I’ve got to hit the shower.

6:10 – Weight is at 185.5….guess I need more tomato juice….


beerab says 27th August @ 11:35

Mmm looks delicious- but remember the sauces are what makes sushi unhealthy 🙁 Eel sauce is very calorie loaded apparently 🙁

Glad you had a nice time and EW tomato juice I’d rather be fat! lol 😉 I hate that stuff!

round says 27th August @ 17:24

Looks like a great place, and from what I’d seen sushi is almost impossible to make high-cal (unless you eat too much rice), so I think the ‘don’t worry about it’ approach is best.

I love tomato juice, especially a cold spiced one in the early evening. I’d drink more of it if the sodium content was lower. I bet the impact of the tomato juice is somewhat like the study they did where they had people eat 3 apples a day (at the beginning of each meal). They lost a lot more weight, probably because they filled up on low-cal stuff first.

It could also be the lycopene in the tomato juice making it work — a lot more in juice and other heat-treated products than in fresh.

…then again, it could just be magic!

Joy says 27th August @ 18:40

That looks yummy!
It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I am so glad! 🙂
I love V-8 maybe I can do that instead of tomatoe juice.

Take care and have a wonderful Friday Patty!

brseay says 27th August @ 21:21

Definitely keep us posted on the tomato juice idea. I’ll drink gallons if that’s what it takes.

Does it work if you drink your tomato juice as a bloody mary? Just curious.

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