Need I say more?  I mean, really!  Thought I should throw in a reminder of why I have to get back on track.  Still, I did good yesterday.  According to Sparkpeople, I consumed under 800 calories and I know that’s too low but I have to work on it because DS’s pork rolls were difficult to figure out.  The pork strips were marinated and there was lime, garlic, sugar, and sesame oil involved.  I’m not sure what else was in there.  I’ll have to go back and do some more figuring when I get time.  I didn’t figure the cilantro either and it ought to have at least a dab of nutrients.  Anyway…I’ll try to get more accurate with it later on today.

I exercised for half an hour and I cut back on the TV time.  Also had a bit of a debate with DIL when she picked up the kids and that got the adrenaline going so that might have burned up a few extra calories.

Haven’t weighed myself yet but  I wouldn’t be surprised it I’m up a little because of the soy sauce.  I’ll find out in a few minutes.  DS and Sparkpeople might be just what I need right now to get me back on track.  There’s some accountability there that I’ve been missing.  It helps me be more structured.  DS has my breakfast and lunch packed for school so I plan on having another excellent day.

6:00 a.m. – Weight is at 185 today.  That’s down .5 from yesterday.  I’m happy.   I didn’t expect it with all that sodium in the soy sauce.

6:45 – Damn!  Don’t you hate it when you blink while applying mascara and it blobs all over your face and then your eye starts watering and you have to just stop and remove all makeup and start over?  Outa here….


Joy says 25th August @ 6:22

GREAT job! I am so proud of you! You worked out and stuck with the plan. Today is day 2! You can do this. I love that top it is so cute! have a nice day Patty.

sunnydaze says 25th August @ 9:47

You look great! Cute outfit too! 😀

beerab says 25th August @ 11:21

It’s nice to put a face to your blog 🙂

I agree you can do this keep it up!

firefly says 25th August @ 13:13

Love your outfit! You look great – I’m not sure what you’re complaining about there Missy!!

I need me one of them personal trainers and chefs… though my kids would love the chance to yell at me and tell me what to eat a little TOO much, I’m afraid! (they watch Biggest Loser with me, I believe their emulation of Jillian Michaels would be far too realistic!)

brseay says 25th August @ 17:55

But Stacey and Clinton would be proud of you for pairing the neutral pants w/a nice print on the top; brings the emphasis to your face.

You sound like you’re back in control and taking charge. Let’s make this our year!

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