Okay, so my morning started off crappy…I went to work and managed to sit around enough and eat Alleve so my ankle eased off.  I ate low fat yogurt for breakfast and a salad for lunch.  Took some of my cake to work to share with friends and they all approved!  I figured it up and it looks like each serving comes out to be 146 calories.  Pretty good! 

Rushed out the door at 2:30, dropped the grandkids off at home and then raced over to the doctor’s office for a 3:15 appointment.  Got home at 4:00 to find my granddaughter, Holly, parked in the living room watching cartoons.  If I needed any incentive to avoid the TV, that did it.  Nick Jr. is not my kind of show.  She seemed okay so I went upstairs to try one of my new workout tapes.  It did not go well.  Upper body 10 minutes, aerobics 25 minutes and then lower body 10 minutes.  The part that I actually participated in was about 5 minutes, 20 minutes, and 5 minutes.  Still, I stuck with it and I guess that’s better than quitting.

Came downstairs to find the boys and my niece eating all my special diet cake.  Why is it that with cookies, chips, ice cream, and fruit all over the place, they had to eat my diet cake?  By the way, they thought it was good, too. 

I fixed a big salad and a new salad dressing that tasted like crap. (Throw that recipe out the window)  Made a big pot of low-cal french onion soup, toasted a bunch of french bread, and topped all the bowls with low-fat mozzarella and browned it in the oven.  The adults ate and then hubby made grilled reubens to supplement his soup, the grandkids fixed pizza because they don’t like onions or salad, and my daughter-in-law showed up with a bucket of KFC when she picked up Holly.  Now, she’s gone, the grandkids are doing homework, Donnie went to bed, and I have a wrecked kitchen.  Something is just not right.


Pam says 21st April @ 21:36

Hey lady, at least celebrate that you are trying to eat healthy! The boys and Donnie can take care of themselves – as you see, they will not starve! Stay the course!

Now, about the cake…. I applaud your strength, you did not kill them! But at least you know it is a great recipe, so it sounds like a keeper!

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