Still.. I just wanted to see the lovely 193 number again.. it just refuses to come. I need to work out harder.. I think I’m getting sick of the 30 Day Shred and need to find something new.  I should be thankful that I lost 0.4lbs, because yesterday was Yumna’s birthday and we had cake, […]

No Pedicure Yet..

Well, when I hit 193 I was totally going to give myself a pedicure.. but I didn’t have time.. now I have some time and I can’t. I’m back to 194.4.   Sunday was so busy, with a visit to my friend’s house for her daughter’s birthday party and then dinner at my Mom’s house.  Yesterday […]

GOAL!! (okay.. Mini-Goal!)

I am so happy.. today I got on the scale and it said 193.0lbs!!! I am shocked!!  This mini goal thing is such an amazing idea it really gets you motivated to keep going.  I am so pumped.. and my reward.. a pedicure.  It will probably be a home one, but I’m totally making time […]

194.6 lbs.

Where were you yesterday on weigh in day? Well.. better that you showed up today, than never.

Weigh In Monday

So its Monday and I didn’t get a chance to get on the computer until now.  Unfortunately, I didn’t do so hot in my weigh in this week. I weighed in at 196.2 lbs. I am actually shocked because I was 195.2lbs on Saturday morning, and I was really good this weekend food wise.  The […]

199 – Really!

Okay so I’m scared to post this, but my weight has been 199 two days in a row after the morning washroom visit. So yeah.. I am happy to be here, for REAL this time!! I haven’t been blogging so much lately because I’ve been busy with my mother in law in town. I’ve been […]