*Pulls Hair*

January 14th, 2009

I’m so frustrated right now. I’m up to 166 today. I haven’t been doing anything out of the ordinary either. Well… maybe yesterday I ate some pancakes and chicken parmesan, but other than that healthy! Both the pancakes and chicken parm were made from scratch. *scratches head*

Weight loss is so frustrating. It’s like 1 step forward, 2 steps back all the FRICKEN time. I just need to keep going and keep telling myself that this is FOREVER. I need to know that I’m going to have setbacks, like binge eating out of town guests, Christmas dinner, and the occasional pancake. That’s life. I have to remember my new year’s resolution this year was to eat healthy 80% of the time. It used to be either eat crappy 100% of the time or healthy 100% of the time which was just putting too much pressure on me to be perfect. That’s not good. One day at an EFFIN’ time. hehe.

Anyhoo, today I did Level 2 of the 30DS. I skipped the workouts yesterdays. It was a crappy day. It was even crappier because I felt doubly awful for not working out. Today I felt the crappiest so I decided to run my troubles away. It kinda worked until I started getting shin splits again. I’ve decided I need to heal completely before getting back into running. I’ve been toe-striking on my runs lately which is bad for my shins. I usually am a mid-food striker.

Had a good breakfast today. OATMEAL! Yay! I need to find some new things to mix in.

I’m ready.

January 12th, 2009

I’m ready to move on to Level 2 for the 30DS for the second time. I didn’t run today. I feel like crap. Due to stupid (.) <— that.

Bloat City.

January 10th, 2009

I feel like poop right now :/. Damn you womanly troubles! I’m going to relax all weekend. No working out for me. I need to recover. This morning I had a nice big bowl of steaming hot oatmeal. nomnomnom. I didn’t finish it though. I felt full after eating half. It’s weird. Some days I’m super hungry and can wolf down the whole bowl. Other days, I can hardly eat. *shrugs*


January 9th, 2009

I knew it was going to happen someday… I officially have shin splits. It hurts like a bitch. I felt it as I ran today. No more running for me for a week. Then we’ll see how I feel then.

I’m full.

January 8th, 2009

I worked out today… just the 30DS. I’m going for a good run tomorrow. Tonight, I’m baking some oatmeal raisin cookies. I tried it the other day, but they turned out horrible so I’m trying it again today :). Wish me luck.


January 7th, 2009

I’m so sore today. I woke up, worked out to 30DS and ate breakfast. I went for a really short run today. Didn’t want to push myself that much. My calves are hurting. I did run my fastest and longest and farthest today even though it was only for 45 seconds.

I’ve been feeling a bit down today. I hope it passes soon.


January 6th, 2009

I went out for an awesome run today :o) My running partner is still pretty sick so he bundled, came out and coached me instead. I did the 30DS as well. We came home and I had a yummy bowl of of steaming hot oatmeal – Kath Eats Real Food Style. The whipping of the bananas worked really well. It was super creamy. I added some frozen blueberries and it cooled it down a little bit.

I’m tired now. I wish I could take a nap.


January 5th, 2009

My workout buddy is sick 🙁 so I didn’t feel like going out for a run today. Plus it was too cold. I did do the 30DS though.

Yesterday wasn’t such a good day for me. I felt… restless for some reason. I didn’t sleep well. I felt like a bottomless pit when it came to food. Hopefully tonight will be better.

Still 164.

January 4th, 2009

I’m still at my favorite number, 164. Darn.. I thought I was past it already. Boo. I did lose inches. That’s always good.

I kinda ate a lot today. I just don’t feel satisfied enough. It might be the PMS. I ate: yogurt + granola, 1/2 homemade egg muffin sandwich, pizza chicken (my own recipe) + brown rice, 2 cinnamon raisin PB sandwiches, 2 clementines, a huge slice of banana bread. I’m still a teeny bit hungry. I tried everything… drinking water, eating slowly. I don’t know what it is today! Srsly. Right now I’m thinking of eating the cherries in the fridge. Yikes.


January 3rd, 2009

I am so sore today. My inner thighs, my chest, my arms. Did the 30DS and went out for a run. Didn’t really push it during my run. It hurt to run and I didn’t want to get a cramp.

We made banana bread last night since the bananas were getting rotten. Twas very yummy! I’m going to have me a slice after my Saturday afternoon nap. Tootaloo!