I’m a little frustrated. I track my calorie intake on FitDay pretty closely. I have about a dozen or more customized foods that I come back to on a daily basis. Everything goes in my diary, absolutely everything. I don’t find it disruptive because of how simple it is and I like looking at all the stats.

Well, today I realized that the restaurant here screwed me up. They separate their salad dressings by kind – Ranch, French, Italian, etc. – but failed to separate them by regular or lite. So now I have no idea what I’ve been eating and only just now realized there are different kinds. I thought all they had was regular, the packets are nearly identical. This is a difference of 80 calories a packet and it kind of agitates me that I’ve been accounting for X number of calories when I could have had 80 to 160 more on some days. That’s one or two packs of yogurt I could have had when hungry later in the day. That is kind of a big deal when your stomach is grumbling and you think that stupid salad dressing you had earlier cost you a snack later.

I think it irritates me as much as it does because this place doesn’t have much to offer in the way of healthy meals to begin with. They have a set menu that isn’t anything special and even my RA has said that she’s bored with it…she’s only lived here one or two quarters! Try living here for years! Oiy… Just one more stupid mistake.