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Posted by mortonpixie on July 21st, 2009 |Filed Under Body Image, Exercise, Stress | Leave a Comment

I ran out of my mail order vitamins today and went to GNC to get more.  I used to take the Women’s Ultra Mega before I signed up with the other company and they are just fine.  Anyway – I see that they have a formula in addition to their 55 Plus.  It’s called “Active”.

I took a look at the back and it does still have what the regular Women’s formula does, but also has Ginseng and some other helpful additions.  Yes, I know it’s largely a marketing ploy – but for the same price I thought what the hey.

I asked the 14 year old salseboy if he could tell me the difference.  He looked at me and in addition to reciting from memory the back of the box, said “Well, these are more for someone who is “active”.  Hmm…now I know he looked at me and instantly wrote me off as a couch potato.  I’m over 30, overweight, and am sporting a nice “glow” due to my 10 week old baby that kept me up every 2 hours last night.  I may not look the picture of health right now – but trust me, bucko, mother of 4, homeschool teacher, and baby sitter extraordinaire more than qualifies me for the “active” vitamins.

Hmpf.  I get more done before that kid even gets up in the morning.  Just following me around all day would wear him out.  Active.  Sheesh.  And hey, if you want to sell some vitamins, learn something more than just what’s on the box.  I CAN READ.

Okay.  I’m grouchy and hungry.  Drank water, water, water today – but am going through some masochistic behavior and restricting my calories a wee bit to much to “punish” myself for not loosing last week.  I have 500 calories left for today.  Think I will have some shredded wheat with skim milk before bed.  Grrr…

No need to scold me – I will snap out of it tomorrow. 🙂


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