Well hopefully this is the last time I do this….

Working out when you are sick…

I like many of you have had a very persistant cold the last week. It was pretty bad when it started about a week ago, a lot of coughing  and overall misery. It calmed down over the weekend to just mild symptoms with a stuffy/runny nose. One thing that I always question is when to workout or when to take a rest day. I have become very dedicated to the gym over the last few months, so missing a workout makes my day feel incomplete.

A good rule of thumb that I have heard a lot of people using is the neck up rule. If your symptoms are below the neck (coughing, stomach infections, etc.) it is probably best to take a rest day. If your symptoms are above the neck (stuffy/runny nose) go ahead and workout. Of course if you have a fever, do not workout. Period. Your body is already working hard to regulate your temperature, no need to add any more stress to the situation.

Today during my workout, and my workouts over the past few days have been lighter than usual. I did my regular strength workouts without feeling any effects on my performance, but I noticed I was weaker in my running. I got out of breathe faster, and instead of stopping for water every half mile or so, I was stopping every 1/4 mile. I ended up running one mile regularly today, followed by 1 mile of intervals (sprint one straight away, walk the other). Then I walked a few laps to cool down. Hopefully my body will be back to normal in the next day or so, because I really hate getting out of breathe so easily!

I just hope this doesn’t affect my weigh in on Friday!

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