…of work, and it already feels like I’ve been here for years!  I have been doing so well since I’ve been back, I have been resisiting treats left and right, and tracking all my points.  I’m down 5 pounds since Monday morning (I know mostly water weight, but still).  My best friend also joined Weight Watchers, which makes me SO HAPPY.  She is the best diet buddy – whenever we are having a hard time ordering something good at a restaurant or resisting a treat, we give each other support to make good decisions.  To celebrate, we’re doing a heathy weight watchers BBQ at her house on Sunday night – I love having plans with friends that I know are going to be fun and healthy. 

I know as work picks up it will be harder and harder to stay on plan, but I’m going to do my best and save points for when I REALLY need that extra latte or when I REALLY need another glass of wine 😉  No wasting points on stuff just because it’s there.

xoxo M