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Welcome! September 8, 2011

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So this is my first blog ever!! I am super excited to do this, I have always wanted to do a blog but never had anything useful or important to say. 

I guess you might wonder about the name, it goes without saying that I am cursed/blessed with being a middle child. I mean you always have someone around to hangout and talk to but on the other hand I was always comparing myself to my older sister or younger brother. My sister is amazing and is my best friend but I have always compared myself to her and in my opinion I was never quite up to par. You can never really quite meet up to your own expectations of someone but in my case it was always about weight, and fashion and boys. She has it all i guess, she is skinnier and 2 years old, and that never made sense to me.

My brother on the other hand is the “golden boy” he can do no wrong, he was president of student council, captain of the soccer team, is going to one of the best schools in the state and is majoring in engineering(something i could never understand).

Now that I have the introductions over with, we have come to the whole reason I started this blog.  To document my weight loss journey and pick up a few pointers along the way, and maybe even pass out a few.

I have had weight problems since I can remember, most of which were in my head when I was in highschool but now that I have 24 I am actually over weight and need to turn things around. I hate when my jeans are tight and muffin top over!!!! Sooooo…. today I start weight watchers rand