You could have knocked me over…..

……with a feather this morning.


Got on the scale and it said 181.5!
Definitely doing the happy dance over here.
Could this mean I might actually get into the 170’s again???
Be still my foolish heart!!! LOL

I got off the NS foods because of the soy.
Switched gears after talking to a Young Dr.
He said take a look at the NEW Atkins diet book.
Make adjustments to the plan for my body’s needs.
Then see what happens.

Well I think it might work but it is NOT exactly like their plan.
Lots of changes made for my hypoglycemia & slow digestion.
Softer foods, I kept some carbs and nothing raw.

In the meantime I think this might work.
Slowly but that’s OK with me.
The first 2-3 weeks there is always a good loss…well for me that is.
Then I’ll be lucky if it’s a pound every week or two.
Only time will tell.
🙂 But I am encouraged 🙂


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