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That was todays magic number. Most people wouldnt agree but I weigh in daily most of the time because it keeps me going and it gives me an idea of what Ill eat each day. I count calories and I eat 1600 or below usually around 1400. 1600 is pretty rare but I do have days that I eat them all. June was an good month I lost 7lbs. This month my goal is to lose 8lbs. As I said before Im not huge on making time sensative goals but with all the challenges I do on 3fatchicks in a way I have to but I wont be upset if I dont make it. My motivation is through the roof and I hope it stays for at least another three months lol. Ive been doing really good with the diet part my eating have truely been on plan huge plus for me!

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  1. teresa Says:

    Great job in June! And good luck with July. That’s how we have to do it, isn’t it… keep reducing each month. The time passes either way.
    I’m having trouble getting going, but not giving up. Not this time.
    Keep blogging!

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