June 7th, 2010


Too busy again to breathe.  Weekend was fine but too short. Found this stuff in store.  The chocolate PB had a nice flavor but was kind of icy. The vanilla had a nice flavor and was creamy.. Got my hair done over the weekend so it feels much better.

4 weeks until the next holiday… sigh.. I’ll try and write more tomorrow Mondays are always bad

Another day at home.. ahhh

April 27th, 2010

Afternoon everyone. I am just about to eat lunch so I thought I’d better post. It’s a gloomy day here in the Bay Area. It is trying to rain and the Furball looks very disgruntled.  Her sun shine is missing and she looks a bit peeved. No sunbath= annoyed kitty.  It keeps peeking out so maybe she’ll get her wish soon.

Home today again and loving it. I was up at 6:30, had breakfast got cleaned up and was at the gym at 7:30. Got in my warm up and met with the trainer.  I had alreadey arranged to swap my usual after work time for an AM time today. Had a good workout.. sweated buckets. Only had a couple of exercises I had to ask for higher weights on.  After the trainer, I did my cardio and then stopped off at a grocery store on my way home. I’ve been doing a few chores since I got home, pleaying on the computer and just enjoying being here.

Tomorrow is back to work. I really have to start buying lottery tickets so I can do this all the time! Work is nutty. Who wants to work? Not me!! Anyway, the rest of today is a few chores, a nap and kitty cat time. Dinner is garlic and lemon stuffed chicken breasts and garlic green beans.  Gonna watch The Biggest Loser of course. I think Michael or Ashley will be going home. The yellow and gray team are a voting block so as long as a yellow and grey member don’t end up below the yellow line at the same time, the others will be pickwed off one by one.

Not much else to tell.. just enjoying being home.  Have a nice Tuesday everyone and don’t forget to sweat.



I’m home

February 22nd, 2010

Just a quickie post. ALl is well. Procedure was able to be done just fine.  Evertthing 100% normal so I don’t have to back go back for 5 years,

Now excuse me. I need to shove my face in some food!

Out the door soon

November 27th, 2009

Morning everyone and happy Day after! It’s a chilly and gloomy morning here. It has been drizzling overnight and is expected to stay like this all day. It was 70 yesterday and only going to be 60 today. I can deal with it, I guess.

Yesterday was a nice day. I had breakfast, hung around the house a bit and then got changed to get to the gym. I got in some cardio and then met with the trainer. He had a very hard challenging workout for me yesterday. I asked him if this was something the trainers got to beat the crap out of their clients before they went and stuffed themselves silly on Thanksgiving. He said no, and that he actually was going to give this workout to me last week but he was being “nice”. Nice, my patooties. He probably just forgot!  He let it slip  that he had another very hard workout coming up for me this next week. Oh goody. 😛  I worked out with him, then got in my cardio and came home for lunch. Had that, did a few things around here and then had a nice nap. Dinner was a turkey burger with onions and cornbread stuffing inside of it, on an orowheat sandwich thin, with sauted broccoli slaw, fat free cream cheese and cranberry sauce. It was like Thanksgiving on a bun! I had carmelized garlic green beans and some corn casserole on the side. Dessert was popcorn. I stayed up too late watching a movie, but that wasn’t a big deal sicne I didn’t ahve anyplce to go very early in the AM.

Up this morning at 7ish. I’ve had breakfast, made my shopping list and am right now getting ready to get to the gym. I usually don’t go in Friday but I decide to go today and then take Sunday off.. for a change. That will be Sunday AND Monday off from the gym. Two days in a row! I am looking forward to that. After the gym today, I am off to Trader Joe’s and then the grocery store and then home for lunch.

The rest of the day will be spent at home. There isn’t anything I need at the malls so I am staying away.  I’ll do some chores around here, take a nap and not much else. Saturday is the gym, cooking and chores. Sunday is church and chores.

Time for me to finish getting ready and pack my gym bag. Gotta pack some regular clothes so I can go to the store right from the gym. It’s too cold to be running around grocery shopping in a tank top and bike shorts! Have a nice Friday everyone and don’t forget to sweat. Will help you feel better and get rid of some of the extra you ate yesterday.