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I think I can…I think I can…. June 22, 2009

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Sometimes I feel like I have two totally different personalities. One who really wants to be healthy and one that just doesn’t give a crap. I am really trying to suppress that little devil! 🙂 I find out on Wednesday what my doctor is going to let me do at the gym in terms of exercise I imagine it will be mostly water stuff, but I would really like to get on the elliptical again sometime soon. I think being able to exercise will help me get back into the right mindset. It helps that my sister is doing this too, I know that my not caring for the last few weeks has hampered her progress as well. Last week I gained 4.5lbs, barf. I think that I am ready now, I really want to get under the 200 mark, its been a LONG time and I have been hovering between 204 and 210 for a long time. So here it goes.


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