All you can eat Friday!!

Fridays at work are what I like to call “All you can eat Friday”. My colleague and fellow secretary ‘S’ goes to the shop in the morning and buys a selection of snacky bits for us all to eat throughout the day. When you’re on a diet it is soooo hard to resist! All the cakes, cookies, chocalate (arghhh!!) Luckily she’s on a diet as well so she gets us some healthier options.

Today i had a bowl of fruit (strawberries, blueberries, banana, grapes, raspberries) with 1 rice cake broken up, a handful of raisins and 2 crackers with low fat cheese spread on top. I also had a glass of water with it. Naughtily, I just had another rice cake as I couldn’t resist when walking passed!

For lunch I’m thinking of having my usual: cup-a-soup with a wholemeal pitta bread, but I might leave out the yoghurt to make up the calories.

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