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2/27 February 27, 2012

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Hey Susana… Thanks for your input and I know you’re right.  But honestly, I’m not doing anything too restrictive, so I figure that I probably could cut some more cals or up my activity and be a bit more consistent.  I know the calculators aren’t super accurate, but I gotta have some sort of guideline!  LOL  So, no worries, not going overboard!  😀

Thanks everyone for your support — it’s really nice to have it and see it.  I am sorry I’ve  not been better about being supportive lately — especially in the last week.  It’s just been a busy time between doing so many projects around here and then a friend of mine had a family emergency and we’ve been trying to help out.  So, I’ve pretty much been posting my posts and then getting offline.  Even my FB page is suffering from lack of attention!  LOL  I’ve just had too much going on to be sitting and on the pute.  Today is probably going to be a bit calmer.  Hubby is downstairs studying.  Which should be MUCH easier since he got most of the shelves hung yesterday and as a result, I was able to put away a BUNCH of the random things that were sitting around.  It still isn’t perfect, but we for sure have made progress and it doesn’t look so junky or distracting.  We’ve actually made a lot of progress putting up artwork, organizing the overflow pantry, and then hanging all of the shelves.  It’s been nice!  I wish all of our time off was this productive!  LOL

I DO need to run errands at some point today, but I’m not sure when.  I am hoping to go during younger’s nap time after I pick-up oldest.  That would work out the best for everyone.  I don’t have a ton to do, but I do need to exchange some blinds, return a top, and run to the store.  I wish I could get the store done earlier.  Maybe I can run and do that in a min.  Although, I’m sorta waiting to see if my parents show up.  They said they may come today, and I really hope they do!  The kiddos miss them.  And this is my Mom’s last week off.  She keeps thinking that when she goes back to work they will tell her to take some more time off, but I don’t think they will.  I think they will be behind and expect her to work her tushy off to catch them back up!  Mostly because there are others there who claim to know how to do her job, but whenever she is out, they can’t manage to do it.  So yeah, they CAN’T!  So, I suspect that when she goes back, everything will be piled up to the ceiling.  I think in some ways she will be glad to go back but not in others.  Her time off has been good for her to rest, catch up, and have the freedom to go and do when she wants.  But I also think she’s been sorta bored.  This isnt’ really the ‘best’ time of year to be off.  Just not a lot of things to do with it being cold and wet!  I guess I will hold out a bit and see if they come or not before I get out.  Or maybe I should go and get it over with?  UGH.  I need to get up off my tushy so I guess I will go soon.

My weight this AM was 192.5 after my cheat day!  Woot!  I didn’t go crazy overboard, and I didn’t have one huge cheat meal.  Rather, I had some of the things I had wanted throughout the day in moderation.  I think that worked out fine.  I think that deciding how I want to use my day every week is working out better than just having an all day eat all you can of whatever you want day.  I’m really getting to enjoy it without feeling sick or anything.  And it’s making it feel more worth it and more balanced.  I’m liking that!  And then to see what I consider success on the scale the following day… well, that’s a bonus!  Normally after a cheat day I can be up way more.  1lb. is more than likely water as I made our version of Chinese and then later we had salty popcorn!  Just really feels like I can do this and I’m making some good progress, ya know?  Even if I’m not losing 5lbs. a week, I’m still slowly moving down.  I guess that’s why I’m not stressing too much on the calorie thing, but rather just making tweaks.  I would like to be more consistent and see maybe 1lb. losses per week, though.  But nothing more drastic.  I worry that much more than that would be too much restriction on me and I would snap.  I don’t mind a lucky week now and then, but I don’t HAVE to have huge losses to be happy.  I just want to be as consistent as I can be just so I don’t get discouraged.  Having this place to come to and ‘talk’ it all out helps a lot!  Sometimes I feel like my thoughts are jumbled until I get them down and then by the end, I feel better, calm, and like my plan is going right along.

Well, I need to tie this up and bring it to an end.  It’s 10:30 now and if I’m going to go do a few things before this day is out, I need to get rolling and not dawdling.  I am going to try to read a couple of blogs, and then I gotta hit the ground running!  G’day everyone!


3 Responses to “2/27”

  1. unskinnygirl Says:

    Kudos for not gaining to much after your cheat day! I was up to 234 this morning. Ugh! I did have a cheat day yesterday. But it was super moderated! I’m trying to figure out what I would be missing,or getting to much of in my diet. I got an app to figure that. It puts your carb,protein,fats, into a pie chart. Its seems pretty balanced. Who knows…. I also just had a nice bowel movement so 234 probably is no longer. Lol. I’m not worried about that. We both just need to keep plugging along! Lol I’m tired of this snails pace! Your right,too much restriction isn’t good. I’m trying very very hard to not go to extremes!i dont feel so bad about my small losses anymore. You have kind of inspired me to embrace them. A loss is a loss right? I’m still less now than I was 2 weeks ago. So I should be happy!

  2. pepagirl Says:

    Just went back and re-read your most recent posts and I have to take my hat off to you, you have been doing so well with the losses and working on your home! I’m curious what your WPM are? Lol, I’m not to shabby myself but I don’t know if I’d have the time to bang out as much material as you do on a weekly basis, I feel like I’m in a rush just to leave comments lately. Great job though, I can visulize you reaching your goals this year and love reading about you! I plan on making a post tonight explaining my situation in depth (should answer your query about why I’m quitting work) that will double as an affirmation to myself about my new goals. Looking foward to really getting back into the game soon!

  3. jelbelle Says:

    Hope everything is going good and things slow down for you soon! I like keeping busy as much as the next person, but it sounds like Jewlz needs some Jewlz time! Prayers for your friend and her family! And grats on the maintaining! A cheat day sounds like an interesting concept. I’m not ready for that yet, but I might consider it depening on how I do over the next couple months.

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