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08/22/2011 August 23, 2011

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So far, this AM is going pretty well!  I got to sleep in a bit, had a nice breakfast, on my second cup of coffee, and we’re planning the day!  Woot woot!  I believe we are going to be going to the zoo.  Lots of walking!  We do, however, need to pack up some snacks and pre-make as much dinner as possible, so this isn’t going to be a super long post.  I like to pre-make dinner on nights we know we will be coming in late so that all we have to do is pretty much eat when we come in.  We ate out a lot yesterday, but I don’t really want to eat out a ton today.  Breakfast was already at home and we are going to pack lunch.  I guess if we ate dinner out it would be ok, but nothing really sounds all that great so I would rather just Nom out at home.  I am thinking some yummy steaks and salads.  Good stuff!  I love pan fried steak with a big nummy salad.

So far today, here is my food.  I will fill in the rest as the day goes on.

Breakfast:  2 slices LC french toast with SF syrup, 3 slices thin bacon; coffee

Snack:  Fruit and some Bugles; water

Lunch:  1/2 roast beef on sourdough with mayo, Bugles, fruit, carrots with ranch, one bite of chicken nugget (checked it for kiddos); Mello Yello Zero

Dinner:  1/2 veggie tempura, 1 spring roll, sushi (I think I had 4 spicey tuna rolls, 2 salmon nigiri, and 4 TN tornado rolls), small cucumber salad; Diet Coke

We ended up doing dinner out — hubby forgot to lay out the darn steaks!!!  So, steaks will probably be tonight.  We had a GREAT time at the zoo!  We walked a LOT and then played in the indoor and outdoor kids areas.  I even went up the kids tower and down the big slide with oldest!  I couldn’t believe I made it!  It was FUN!  When we left there, youngest fell asleep so we went and did some shopping taking turns switching out so that he could sleep.  Finally finished up oldest’s things for school, so I think we are all set!  Now, if we could only find a few things for hubby.  LOL  I kept finding TONS of cute stuff for myself, but I am TRYING not to shop.  I did buy this cute pink, ruffly cardigan (looks sorta pin-upish) and it looks so HOT with my red hair!  Maybe I’ll keep the red hair a bit longer… I also bought a cute denim ‘bell’ skirt.  My other skirt is very summerish so I had wanted one that was a bit longer for Fall.  I think it will look great with my platforms or boots.  Even flats.  But the skirt was a 14!  I know it was cut big — it fit like a 16.  But still, I’m happy!  But I saw so much more.  *sigh*  But I was good and stayed away.

Anyways, it was a good day and I don’t think food was horrid.  I guess we will see at the end of the week, huh?  LOL


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  1. familyaffair Says:

    I’ve really had the itch to update my wardrobe, as well! I’m actually getting excited for cooler weather because I like my fall/winter options better than I do my summer ones! But I told myself that I wouldn’t do that until my current clothes were litterally falling off!

    Glad to hear that you had a fun family day. Those are so needed, sometimes!

  2. didibuttonsley Says:

    Oooh, what zoo did you go to? I love zoos. I am going to the Tampa zoo on Saturday or Sunday (depending on the weather).
    I am trying not to buy too many clothes since I seem to be losing weight at a steadier pace.
    It’s going to be like Christmas when I get back to a size 12. I have TONS of cute clothes from the old days in that size. I also have a bunch of uber cute dresses that I bought and hung all over my room to inspire myself. I totally can’t wait to wear all of them.
    And now I’m all excited about it. I am such a nerd.

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