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Triathon tomorrow!

I’m soooooo nervous. Pretty much terrified. Especially on the swimming portion. AHHH! Wish me luck, I’ll need it! I don’t want to come in last!

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Broke the Barrier!

Frick yeah! I finally did it! I broke through 170! and I am officially in the 160s! WOOOOO HOOOO! I am so unbelievably effing excited! Weighed in at 169.4 today, and it’s not even official weigh-in day. Not to mention, I still have a triathlon to get through this week ;)

And while I’m on the subject of breaking barrier, I finished 2011! I say that loosely, because although I DID finish it, it is in a very scratchy rough draft format and still needs serious editing and research done before it’s ready to be uploaded. I do have one scene that I haven’t written yet because… well because I don’t know what it is lol. But let’s just say that it is about 95% complete right now, and the final scenes, climax and resolution have all been written.


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This was an awesome week for me! On plan, and heavy training, even with all the Mama Drama flying around. My best friend had to come live with me for a few days because of some home stresses, but she’s a driving force in keeping me on plan and prepping for the triathlon which is THIS SUNDAY. Omg @[email protected] I’m sooooo nervous! But it is truly a day all about me and my accomplishments. I’m so happy that the people I love most have taken the time to come watch me compete. Even if I don’t finish first, even if my best isn’t enough, they’ll be there supporting me, making me feel great. And I promise to give it my all in return!

And in addition to all that? I’m down -3lbs!! I started off Pepa’s challenge at 174, but the day after I jumped up to 175. But now I am down to 172! I feel the 160’s coming soon and I am so excited! I think this week will be as good (if not better) in the exercise department, as I’m going to be doing full on triathlons at the Y lol. 12 miles of bike, .5 mile swim, and 5k run. Then on Friday and Saturday I will rest up and take my dedication to the garage for my neighborhood’s annual garage sale day. I’m hoping to make some money back from my room renovation. Wish me luck!

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Productive Day

At least on the writing front, anyways! I still need to get to today’s workouts. Perhaps after I finish this bloggie? ;) I’m thinking I’m going to try to lift an elephant tonight, how about you girls?

So since I got some good input on the miles challenge, I think I will definitely go through with it. To answer your question Didi, I won’t start the challenge until after the 26th, because right now I want to focus on tri training and as it is I haven’t had much blogging time.

I did however sit down to write some. I did a little bit in 2011 (although the current scene is a little iffy), I DID manage to get it plotted out till the end with only a few holes that still need to be worked through. So that is some majooooor good news for me. But my big project right now is Persephone. I really want to start uploading it on dA because I’m entering Perseph into a writing contest on July 1st, and I want to get a few bits up before that. That doesn’t leave me a whole lot of time. So, I’m proposing a challenge to myself.


Yeah, I know this is probaby not going to happen… but… it needs to, lol.

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High intensity back for good?

Ever since I got home from my vacations I have been pretty dilligent with this triathlon training, because I am just scared to death of coming in absolutely last, or not finishing. Really, I don’t care if I have to crawl across the finish line, I just want to do it. My handy dandy tri-goddess wife has been training me this past week, and I’ve bumped up my endurance and mileage like triplefold, fer realz.

Yesterday I did: 9 mile bike, .5 mile swim, and a 3 mile run. That’s only 2 miles of biking less than the triathlon! So I think I’m on the right track. Today will be my day of rest, I think, and I’m going to eat clean and see what kind of number I pull on the scale tomorrow morning.

By the way! I know a lot of you (if not all of you) are participating in Pepa’s challenge right now, and I was reading the weekly exercise challenge I totally got an idea for a spin off of my own. I like the idea of racking up the miles. Would anybody be interested in doing a mile challenge? Whatever way you get there: walking, running, swimming, biking, etc, the goal would be to see who could go the furthest in a certain amount of time. Seem doable? Seem interesting? I’m interested for some feedback =) if a few of you like the idea, maybe I’ll put it in play!

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