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12 pounds and counting

Well I am slowly getting there.  I am down a total of twelve pounds now and can definiately notice it in my face.  I have the slight outline of cheek bones poking in there somewhere…

So I also upped my running this week quite a bit.  I am now running for 30 mins straight.  Which is almost 2 miles.   Another four more minutes and it will be two miles.  I am running a 17 min mile which is not race running but is certainly endurance.  So when I first started this running thing, I was following one of the books I got on beginners….so I started out running for 30 seconds and then walking for 90 secs times 20 mins…  And then I would add on 10 seconds to the run time and take off 10 seconds of the walk time and kept doing that as I got stronger and more able to run…and to breathe 🙂

I now walk for one min to warm up and then run for 30 mins and then walk for two to cool down…fook!  I never thought I would ever get that far.  I am only one mile away from running my first goal which is a 5K or 3.1 mile run….and so confident am I that I am going to make this goal, that I entered my first ever marathon….TADA….I am going to run a 5k on June 6th…

So I have a lot of running and training to do before June 6th.  And weight to lose.  I told my husband that I probably would be able to run better if I was not carrying two 25 pound hams on each leg…LOL  He didn’t see the humor, he just grumbled something like..”your are not that bad”….OH hell ya I am, he should try running with these thighs…

But I am doing it…I am going to run and I am going to finish.  I will not be the first to cross the finish line in fact I may well be the last, but I am going to finish…I am going to get my t-shirt 🙂  I already booked the weekend off work, and so now I just have keep increasing my run time and distance until I can run 3.1miles or 5K without killing myself.   So that gives me 3 months to reach this goal.  Can I do it?   Hell yeah…


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  1. Thanks for the kind comment on my post. I can tell that you and I share something in common: We both work through the heart. Seems like I always go for the underdogs and try to fix em.

    I am SO impressed with your upcoming run! Go for it, girl! You WILL do it. There’s not a doubt in my mind!

    I’d love to be running in Hawaii! In fact, in the area of Kaloa Landing, we once spent a couple of weeks renting a cottage at Koloa Landing. There used to be a rocky outcrop not far from the cottage but I think they built some condos later that block the view. Anyway, I went for a walk one afternoon to watch the sunset and it became so vivid and beautiful that I ran all the way back to the cottage to drag DH out to watch it. I still remember him complaining because I made him run with me so he wouldn’t miss the view.

    Lots of beautiful memories wrapped up in Kauai. We used to spend a month in Hawaii every other year.

  2. It looks like we have similar goals! I’m working towards running a 5k on campus. That means that I have to be able to run much more on the treadmill unfortunately because I’m in Chapel Hill, NC and it’s well.. hilly. I’ve gotten to 4 miles in 30!
    Great job

  3. You are truly our wonderwoman, you know. Oh, I KNOW you’ll do the 5k because when you put your mind to something, it sure enough gets done! 12 pounds!!!! AWESOME!!!! I love reading about your runs, because it makes my walks with good old Leslie Sansone seem way less challenging, you know? If YOU can do all that running, I figure, then the least I can do is walk that bloody mile with Leslie every morning! You GO, girl – and when you run that 5k? Just know that in spirit, I’ll be beside the road watching and cheering and clapping up a storm!

  4. Nice job on the running!!! You can totally do this! I am a slow runner, too. But, I’m not a racer… I just wanna be a finisher 🙂

  5. Awesome!!! 12 pounds is so so good. I am so proud of you. Now I need to take a leaf out of your book and start moving myself too.

    I know you will do well in the 5K.

    Lots of love,


  6. 12 pounds that is flippin’ great! And as for the run – hell yeah you can do it! they better watch out for you or you’ll be running people over! I think it is great you are running! I know that is helping you lose weight and INCHES! I think it is sweet what your hubby said. Sounds like he doesn’t have any complaints. But of course he shouldn’t or he could end up in your Emergency Room – LOL!

    Can’t wait til the 5K is here for you!


  7. DANG woman!

    Are you kickin’ you know what or WHAT?! 12 pounds down, plus a solid commitment to a race AND a training routine.

    *prostrates herself on the ground *

    ‘I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!’

    you go girl! You go go go go GO!


  8. Thats so great….12 lbs and cheekbones. I wish (for me!). And on top of it all, you’ve got a doable goal. Everyone here is proud of you, I can see that, and I’m no exception. Well done, dear lady! xoxoxoxoxoxox RubyJean

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