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CW: 138.5 lbs SW: 189.5 lbs GW: 130.0 lbs

I saw a 0.5 lb drop this morning! I’m starting to realize that at this weight, “whooshes” are just not realistic. It would be a nice surprise but I need to start getting used to the baby steps towards goal. I can’t give up juts because it’s not as easy as it was a few months ago.

I don’t know if everyone has daily/weekly/monthly rituals but I am a creature of habit and I like things to move in a certain flow. I love my whole-wheat chocolate pancakes so I have them once a week with my bf in the morning. I calculated the calories and they are about 78 calories/pancake (approx. 1/3 cup). I normally have 2-4 pancakes but because I’m back to calorie counting, I had 2 this morning. I always look forward to pancake day!

Pancake Recipe: 1 cup skim milk, 3/4 cup whole wheat flower, 1/4 cup egg beater, 2T granulated sugar, 4T mini-chocolate chips, 1 tsp baking soda, 1/2 tsp salt

*Sometimes I add wheat germ to add more nutritional value to the pancakes
** Makes approximately 6 – 1/3cup mini-pancakes
When I wake up in the morning, I always start the coffee machine, put the dishs away, check facebook, wash my face, brush my teeth, put on my beauty products, and look at the time. If it’s still early, I wiggle back into bed until it’s time to wake up. I always wake up before my boyfriend (without an alarm) and I start my morning pilates until I hear the shower running. That’s my queue to make the bed and start making breakfast. I always miss this routine when I travel.

I’ve been super motivated lately to go to the gym even though it’s tough the first few minutes on the treadmill. I know I’m not going to see results if I am lazy. I have no excuses to skip the gym. I figure if I create a larger calorie deficit, I’ll be able to get to goal sooner!

My legs are starting to feel sore from running every day. I’m going to stretch more today so I can workout this afternoon.

Lunch this afternoon is roasted chicken drumsticks (marinated in yogurt, and spices) with pork fried rice. I want a giant side of roasted butternut squash as the vegetable. I still have pork leftover from the pork carnitas I made earlier this week so I’m going to chop it up and use it in the leftover rice. My fried rice has very little oil since I use a nonstick pan. I add onions, frozen mixed vegetables and garlic. I think my rice will be curry flavored today to complement the chicken drumsticks. My bf is coming home today!

Dinner I’m going to be roasting some miso-glazed salmon with some vegetables. My bf probably will eat the leftover pasta from yesterday as well as the salmon and vegetables.

My bf is trying to lose weight again because he’s been slacking off lately. He was down to 212 at one point last year but he’s back 225. This morning he weighed in at 223 and all he’s changed is eating habits. He’s going to be my guinea pig to test out the theory that diet matters more than exercise because he gets really tired from work by the time he gets home. He makes an effort to go to the gym every day but sometimes he skips. I’m going to help him out as best as I can by making very healthy meals. I’ve been buying a lot of fruit around the house. I think he’s sexy the way he is but I want him to be healthy.

Have a great Thursday everyone! I can’t wait for the weekend.

Insert Witty Title

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CW: 139.0 lbs SW: 189.5 lbs GW: 130.0 lbs

I weighed in at 139 lbs again today and I’m fine with that. My body feels leaner with all the exercise. I know I’ve been pushing myself and I’m OP! I definitely feel leaner and more compact all around. The first 10 minutes on the treadmill is SOOOOO hard for me. I hate it and I physically feel my body reluctant to move. Once I pass that 10-12 minutes, I am much more happy to continue to run. Yesterday, I powerwalked for 10 minutes, ran 40 minutes, and did 15 min on the elliptical. I also did 10 minutes of strength training. I also did pilates, pushups throughout the day whenever I’m in front of the TV. This is basically my daily regimen give or take 15 min of cardio.

I can’t emphasize enough the need for everyone to not go on starvation diets or extremly restrictive diets. I know I would be bored if I lived on the same meals every day. It’s not sustainable! I also worry that some people aren’t eating enough calories which will just slow down your weightloss in the long run. I really wish everyone finds success in a healthy way!

My boyfriend says he can’t come home for lunch because he has a team lunch at work today. I still made something so if he decides to come home last minute I have something I can make him. I made a big pot of turkey crimini bolognese. It’s basically just olive oil, basil, oregano, ground turkey, onions, garlic, crimini mushrooms and tomato sauce. I am currently enjoying some of the sauce over whole wheat pasta and sauteed vegetables (zucchini and green beans).

I think I’m going to aim to use my LoseIt! app again on my phone just to get a better idea of my calories. I’ve been slacking off and haven’t used it in months. I’m hoping to use it as a refresher so I can make sure I’m still OP so far, I’m not doing anything different than any other day. It’s good to know that I know a portion size now.

I love a post in the forums about seasonal foods. Someone made a witty comment that before they thought seasonal foods were like Cadbury Eggs during Easter, Turkey during Thanksgiving, Candy on Halloween, Chocolates on Valentines. I was like that too!

I’ve been inspired to make some good hearty soups in the coming month since it is getting cooler. It’s still mid 60s – mid 80s in Tampa but it’s SOOO nice I don’t need the A/C anymore and it’s not TOO humid. I love 80% of the weather in Florida.

We’re going to Disney World again Saturday-Sunday so I’m looking forward to that. We’re staying at the Port Orleans Resort so I’m excited to see what that’s like. We are seriously using our annual pass as much as possible! It’s so worth it especially with the park hopper, free parking, waterparks and some discounts on things.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!




Happy 1 Year!

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October 5, 2009 – 189.5 lbs

October 5, 2010 – 139.0 lbs

I weighed myself today! I finally stepped on the scale filled with excitement and hesitation. I’m happy to be in the 130s again! I was 139.5 lbs the day before traveling (1 week ago) so I probably did go overboard that weekend with cake and delicious food. Short-term picture, I’m slightly sad I didn’t get into the 120s like I planned. I thought I would be well into the 120s and living the life of a maintainer. Long-term picture, I’m thrilled I managed to lose 50 lbs this year!

I need to stay motivated because I read somewhere there is only 101 days until the end of 2010! I’m aiming for a minimum of 5 lbs a month while striving closer to 8-10 lbs.

I really need to buckle down and focus because I REALLY want to shop hardcore. I’ve bought a few pieces because I want to look good and put together in pictures but it feels like a waste if in the future I won’t be able to fit correctly in the clothes. I’m hoping a good tailor will be able to fix the pricier pieces in my wardrobe.

I’ve decided I am NOT purchasing any new clothes until Thanksgiving. I’m giving myself that long to work my butt off! Black Friday is definitely something worthy to look forward to this year. It’ll be a great time to restock my wardrobe! I’m not going to say wish me luck because LUCK has nothing to do with weightloss. It’s a conscious decision to make a lifestyle change and to be in control of your choices!

I’m making tacos for lunch with corn tortillas, pork carnitas (I made yesterday), fat-free spicy refried beans, guacamole, and salsa. I think I’ll make a giant salad as the vegetable side.

I’m trying to figure out the bloggin etiquette on the joint blog, I was asked to contribute to as well as two other women. The first post was supposed to be a background post with why we want to lose weight, our journey so far, our food relationship .. basically an ice breaker. The third woman has yet to post yet so I’ve saved the post I’ve been working on separately in a word document. I really don’t want to flood the blog with my posts because it’s a joint blog but waiting around to blog is really not my style. Thankfully I have this blog to write whenever I feel like it 🙂

Have a great Tuesday! Enjoy the Fall weather!


Love being back :)

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I just wanted to start of this Monday post with a quick shoutout to all the lovely blogging ladies. You guys are all so inspirational and supportive! I hope we all achieve our goals and are happier because of it! Blogging really has helped me get back on track because I feel like when I avoid blogging, I’m also avoiding being 100% accountable for myself.

I went to Disney World’s Blizzard Beach (water park) on Sunday for around 4 hours. It was so fun and I definitely climbed a lot of stairs to reach the top of the rides. For an early breakfast/lunch I ate a chicken tender and fries meal. It was not very filling and wasn’t very good. The weather was very pleasant: sunny, no humidity and cool breezes.

Afterwards, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Epcot to walk around and have an early dinner/late lunch. We had NO idea it was the annual Food and Wine Festival so we definitely made the right decision to venture into Epcot instead of going to another park that day. We went to a couple of food stations and ate 1-2 dishes from them ($2.50-$5.50). I think we tried Argentina, Puerto Rico, China, South Africa, and Belgium. Everything came in a small portion (4-5 bites) so it was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with my BF.

We then drove back to Tampa and I felt super dehydrated. The minute I got home, I did laundry and drank 2 glasses of water. I felt so much better!

The rest of the night I drank many cups of green tea but didn’t eat anything since 3 pm. My boyfriend was hungry so I heated up some leftover vegetarian chilli topped with green peppers and onions and a little cheese. I also cut up a pear for him to eat. I ended the night with some pilates and stretches while watching TV.

I was surprised I wasn’t hungry but I felt like my food choices earlier in the day probably were high calorie (I just didn’t know it) and high in sodium.

I was slightly taken aback yesterday when I was researching for a blog post I was going to write on the joint blog venture. I was looking up the link to calculate the body’s calorie needs at rest according to your gender, weight, age and height. I found out that if I sat  on my butt all day, my maintenance calories are around 1650. This was when I realized it’s going to take a lot more work to lose 1-2 lbs a week. Thankfully, I try to stay active daily with house chores, and exercise. I was suddenly sad by that number even when I’m used to eating 1200 calories a day. I guess knowing that my calorie deficit (calories in vs calories out) would be smaller in general because I don’t weigh as much as I used to really made me feel more pressure to be OP.

I haven’t stepped on the scale for a week because TOMORROW is official weigh-in day for the beginning of year 2 on this journey. I’m slightly nervous just because the first time stepping on a scale for a while always makes me on edge.

Today is going to be on OP day! I hope everyone has a great week!


Beautiful weather

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I’m finally reminded why I love living in Florida so much with the weather cooling off. There are a few months in the summer where it’s almost unbearable to be outdoors with the horrible heat and intense humidity. We are finally getting wonderful weather (highs of 86 lows of 65). It’s beautiful!

I was asking my boyfriend last night if I was heavier at the start of our relationship than now. He doesn’t really remember but he said he thinks I’m skinnier/fitter right now. I found a super quick way to check via Facebook. I just went to all the tagged pictures of myself and went to the last page and slowly moved forward since 2004 when I first made my account. It’s amazing to watch the progression of my rollercoaster weightloss. I was also amazed at some of the pictures where I originally thought I looked pretty great and now realize I was maybe in my 160s then. I’m guessing when I started dating my boyfriend I was in the 160s. I never knew my maximum weight (spring 2008) but I’m guessing around 210. There are barely any pictures of that period of my life because I lived like a recluse stuck in my apartment scared to leave.

Nowadays, I’m much more outgoing and social. I think what was more important than losing weight was identifying the psychological struggles and obstacles that was holding me back. I’ve lost weight in the past but I wanted to find out why I could never maintain. I also wanted to find out why I couldn’t control my appetite and needed to binge.

I could never maintain because I never realized losing weight should be accomplished by making permanent lifestyle changes. I used to lose weight by super restrictive diets, which only made me feel grumpy, angry and resentful. The diets were never sustainable because the cravings and hunger would be so terrible. I couldn’t maintain because I was constantly making excuses: I can’t help I have a slow metabolism, my skinny friends are just naturally skinny, I’m smart and beautiful so my weight doesn’t matter, my boyfriend loves me regardless, it’s too embarassing to go to the gym, or I could lose the weight if I wanted to. I think we’ve all been there with the excuses.

I really want to peak at the scale but I told myself not to until 10/5 so I still have a couple of days to go. I’m slightly scared that this is the thinnest I’ve been since high school because I can’t visualize what I will look like with another 20-30 lb loss. Is it even possible? I’m having slight doubts in whether or not my body will cooperate with me but I will continue on this lifestyle change and hopefully my body will cooperate!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

This part is for travelgal (or anyone else who wants to know my avg meal plan)
I’ve realized that losing weight is mostly influenced by food choices/intake. Exercise definitely helps along the way by toning the body, producing endorphins and increasing calories burned. My typical meal plan when I was counting calories was approximately
~250-300 cal for breakfast
~400-500 cal for lunch
~100-150 cal snack 1-2 hrs before exercise
~200-300 cal dinner .
Throughout the day, I am drinking a lot of hot green tea and water.

It’s important for the meal to be filling so I always try to have protein and a lot of low-calorie vegetables during my meal so I feel full. I eat the majority of my calories and carbs before 3 pm. My dinners are very low carb focusing mainly on protein and vegetables. I make sure my carbs are from whole grains so I feel fuller longer. Ideas of healthier carb options are brown rice, wholewheat pasta, and whole grain breads.

I cook all my own meals unless I’m traveling. Sometimes if I feel lazy, my boyfriend and I pick up Subway but that’s mostly it. I am a huge foodie so I try to have my special meals on holidays, special events or when I travel. Currently, I’m not counting calories but since I have an idea of what a portion size looks like, I eat about the same as I did when I did count calories.

Vanity Pounds

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My body is far from perfect but it’s at a point where it’s acceptable. I still want to aim for the last 20-30 lbs because I want to see what my body looks at like that point. I’ve NEVER seen myself that thin and fit. That being said, it’s a lot harder being motivated. I’m staying focused by just aiming to live a healthy life with home-cooked meals and daily exercise. I’m hoping with the healthy lifestyle my body will respond and shed the fat (especially around my arms, thighs, and stomach).

I’ve been catching up on my blogs lately and I see a trend of people who cycle between extremely good days and really bad days. Both are extremes that I try to shy away from. It’s better to find a compromise. What worked for me this time around was finding a lifestyle that I could LIVE with for the rest of my life. It is not a temporary fix. I can’t tell you how many times in the past where I’ve gone on extreme diets only to gain the weight back rapidly if not gain MORE.

I’ve definitely gone on breaks from losing weight but even on those breaks I was conscious of what I was eating. I never went out, bought bags of junk and ate it in one sitting. How I went on “break” was allowing myself a little leniency with my diet. I made sure the things I was eating was WORTH the calories: great dessert from Max Brenner, a pricier but smaller cut of steak from a gourmet steakhouse, Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt with fruit toppings, and hot chocolate from L.A. Burdick. This was all spaced out during the week but it was totally satisfying. I normally take a break when I go on vacation but I don’t gorge on food. I try to find high quality food experiences that I can savor with company. The best experience is when you go out with a bunch of friends and SHARE food. You get to try everything without going over budget and overeating.

I’ve been OP since Tuesday and I can honestly feel the difference. I feel more energized, happy and lighter. I feel like skipping the gym every day but I make myself go. It takes me about a few weeks before the gym becomes second nature and effortless. I aim to make it routine so it’s not a chore but second nature. I aim for a minimum of 40 minutes a day. Once I reach that, I assess how my body is feeling. If I still feel energy, I continue. I leave if I feel uncomfortable or tired because I think lethargy at a gym is dangerous. How energetic I feel at the gym is largely attributed to SLEEP and DIET.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! My bf wants to watch football most of Saturday but we’re aiming to go to Disney World for the day on Sunday (annual pass woot woot!).