We do not see ourselves as others do….

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Here I am, still maintaining my loss to this point.  Kind of struggling to stay here.  I have been trying to exercise to bump it up to get the last 20-30 pounds off – IF my body will let me.  Seems like I’m kind of okay where I am but I don’t think I need to stop yet.  I’d like to be able to grab an 8/10 off the rack if I can.  Life is so much different now.  It’s better in so many ways that I wouldn’t even know where to begin.  I can actually do so many things that I couldn’t do before and feel like doing stuff.  I’m trying new and different things in a “new” body.  It’s hard to get used to space in chairs.  Silly huh? There’s all kinds of room now where used to I would fit snug and be pretty uncomfortable.  Shopping?  OMG! I am having a blast. Have I become high-maintanance? Really?  ME?? No way! Well…maybe yes-way?!  I have to look professional, and I can fit in clothes at thrift stores, sales racks and yard sales so YES shopping is fun.  I never cared before how I looked.  I wanted to just cover it all up and hide.  When I walk into a room now, first, I’m not the biggest person, and second I have confidence like I never have had before and look better in clothes.  It is neat how people treat me now in the “skinny suit” but it really is more of how I feel about myself and how I present myself.  Yay! I started a new job today.  I like having energy and being able and capable to perform tasks.  Hopefully it’s all up from here!

If you are interested in the eating program that I use you can look at www.emetabolic.com.  If you chose a center near you, please use me as a reference from Murfreesboro, TN.  Thank you.  Below is a program that I led at the TOPS meeting last week.  I broke down the TOPS Pledge for discussion.  If you are interested in the TOPS Take Off Pounds Sensibly program you can find a meeting near you at www.tops.org.  While you’re there you can even see my before and now picture where I was recognized at the International Recognition Days in San Diego, Ca.  Look for me – Heather Gum – as the Division 1 First Place Winner.

TOPS Pledge

I am an intelligent person.

I will control my emotions

and not let my emotions control me.

Every time I am tempted to use food

to satisfy my frustrated desires,

build up my injured ego

or dull my senses,

I will remember.

Even though I overeat in private

my excess poundage is there

for all the world to see.

I will take off pounds sensibly.

Let’s break this down!


I am an intelligent person. (Be Smart)

I am an intelligent person. Congratulations!! As a TOPS member you have taken a step in the right direction to become a healthier version of yourself! Over the months, years or decades that a person has become, or has been, overweight to varying degrees, awareness is brought about, or realized, of what has not worked towards living in a healthy body. Be smart about choices that are made throughout each and every day from the moment you wake up till the time you tuck yourself into bed. Choose an eating plan that works for your tastes, likes/dislikes and schedule. With TOPS you can even use outside sources for nutritional guidance if you deem it necessary while your fellow TOPS members can lend encouragement through struggles and temptations and offer support to each other with praise and recognition for accomplishments and successes.

I will control my emotions and not let my emotions control me. (Be cognizant)

Emotions do seem to get the best of us depending on situations that arise be it family, job, society, community, etc. The observation is to be cognizant of what we do in reaction to these circumstances. Do you stop eating when stressed? I wish I did. Do you continually graze when under pressure? It’s hard not to munch out of habit when you don’t really know what to do in stressful situations but knowing that stuffing your body full of unnecessary foods, whatever unmentionable food that is your weakness, is a start. When you want to feel comforted do you use food to fill a void that’s not even in your stomach? We must stay in control of what goes into our bodies and not give into routines, or give into convenience or temptations that could do your body harm. Figure out how to deal with emotions, stresses and anxiety without putting something in your body when it might not even need nourishment at the time.

Every time I am tempted to use food (Be not fooled)

Food is available EVERYWHERE thus temptation is EVERYWHERE!! Go into a fabric store – there’s food. Go into a hardware store – there’s food. There’s even some kind of food at clothing stores. You can’t go down the road without seeing advertisements for food at local eateries, or even at distant restaurants when traveling. When you turn on the radio – there’s catchy little jingles that businesses have come up with to stick in your head that makes you want to patronize their establishments. Then there is television… not only are there commercials at every break seemingly about food, now there are countless shows that you can watch, and practically smell and taste what they’re preparing. Be not fooled. DON’T give in to temptation!

to satisfy my frustrated desires, (Be aware)

Are you frustrated? Who isn’t in a hurry in today’s world in this hustle and bustle we live in where everyone is in a rush to go and do something, somewhere with someone? Frustrated desires are those brought on by those temptations and poor planning as well. Be aware of schedules and make the right choices, by packing nutritious meals/snacks or ordering foods specifically how we want them our bodies will reap the damage brought on by desires and giving into them.

build up my injured ego (Be active)

If your feelings get hurt do you tend to “punish” your body with food? Make the choice to do something healthy for your body instead. Be active. Pick up a hobby that doesn’t include food. What can you do instead? Write, read, clean, do yard work, call a (TOPS) friend, give yourself a manicure, go for a walk, run or bicycle ride to take your mind off of your troubles or self-talk your way through them. Make yourself feel worthy in your own way that only you know how to do.

or dull my senses, I will remember. (Be reminded)

Are you excessively eating because you want to make all the other problems go away? Does overindulging make you forget your circumstances? Are the problems still there if you eat emotionally under stress to dull your senses? Probably! The problems will likely still be there compacted by the harm you possibly can do to your body in the meantime not to mention the emotional torment that you could put yourself through in the process. Be reminded that you are worthy through successes and speed bumps that you hit along the journey to health.

Even though I overeat in private (Be conscious)

I think that we have all done this with, or without, the convenience and availability of drive-thrus. We don’t even have to get out of our cars, or put it in park even, to have food thrown into our windows. Again this is where we must have the awareness and educate ourselves as to what are healthy food choices, even when we are alone. Just because no one might be around to see you eat something, doesn’t make the calories that you’re consumes not “seen”. Have you ever eaten in front of a mirror? That’s an eye-opening experience. Sometimes we tend to eat unwisely when no one else is “watching”. Be conscious of the choices you make.

my excess poundage is there for all the world to see. (Be mindful)

We do not see ourselves as others do yet ALL the world can see externally when we have a weight issue. The outside of your body does not make you the person that you are. Some health issues cannot be seen by just looking at a person thus they don’t get “judged” about internal concerns like society tends to “judge” a person who does not meet the “normal” physical standards. You might be able to hide diabetes but you can’t hide obesity or being overweight. As a TOPS member be mindful to what you consume so your body in which you live can be as joyous as your personality and spirit.

I will take off pounds sensibly. (Be fit)

Together, TOPS members can encourage each other, guide each other, and commend each other on weekly goals and accomplishments to get us through the next day, the next week, until we earn KOPS status.

Remember through each day, week, month and year that you

Have to make the choices for your body and live with it – literally

Have the right and responsibility to consciously control your emotions and reactions to outside stressors

Are not alone ever… you are always with yourself and have someone you can call in need

It’s the only chance that you get to live in your body. When you treat it good and put the best fuel into it, you will in turn live in a healthier, more fit and capable body for the rest of your life. Be fit!

Say the pledge any time that you need a reminder of your commitment to yourself.


Losing weight is not a selfish thing to do but if you are doing it for any other reason than for yourself, your physical and mental health, then perhaps you won’t be successful and have your new healthstyle continue through out the rest of your days. Keep in mind that if the food didn’t help to get you where you were, it won’t help to get you to where you prefer.