I magically put on a”skinny suit”!

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I have really been in a mood to share lately and actually want to take the time to do it.  Life just really ties us down sometimes and it’s hard to put ourselves first.  It’s not an easy thing to do by any means. Well I wanted to tell about a new revelation that has occured in this weight loss passage. I was in a store last week and saw someone that I knew years ago. I thought for a moment and it passed my mind to say something but I decided against it. It was then that I realized that I am kind of incognito, you know, like going out in public in a disguise-so no one will know who you are. Wow! That’s one of those things, dare we say a “power”, kind of like a superhero, that can be used for good or “evil”?! Hehehe….  If I’m in a situation that I don’t want to recognized I can simply let a person stroll on by, or I can talk and them get the freak out reaction which once included my having to take my phone out and showing a picture of the me I used to be.

You’ve probably seen movies, telvision shows, reports on how someone is treated different by their weight. They always show a normal/skinny person in a “fat suit”. People look and judge. Everyone has an opinion and speculations of others’ problems and Lord forbid you eat in public for the ridicule and statements people are so rude and immature to say or suggest. You never get the reaction of how people treat, and judge, a person who was overweight but now isn’t. Yep! It’s like I magically put on a”skinny suit”!  I do get treated different because of my outlook now and being more outgoing.  It’s interesting as well that it is totally my choice if I tell new acquaintances who, or how, I used to be.   Does it really matter?  I don’t think so because either way I am still ME! Having fun in my “skinny suit” as a healthier Heather for sure. Now I’m thinking from different perspectives – did I put on the skinny suit or take off the fat suit.  It’s kind of like Peter Pan’s shadow…. One is still kind of attached to the other in a way. If you look at the shadow on the ground what does it show? I tend to look at my shadow now, like how I didn’t really acknowledge the reflection in the mirror, I didn’t pay much attention to the shadow following me around no matter where I went.

It is important that I can share my story and let people know that if they have a considerable amount of weight to lose that it can be done.  It can be done without surgery (unless necessary). It can be done while still eating healthy foods and quite a bit too, of the right things.  Perhaps that is why I was overweight so very long – to go through this long drawn out process through numerous attempts and failures, to finally figure out what to feed my body and mostly that I am worth the effort, and to let you know that you are too! 

Can’t wait to get on the plane in a week!!  OMG!  We’ll be in the air literally a week from now but I’m already living on Cloud #9 DOING IT FOR ME!!


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