OK, I’m back in the saddle

I have done SO badly this week. I was sick with a bad head cold/sinus grossness for the last few days and ended up staying out of work an extra two days to make a four-day weekend. I ordered in a pizza, ordered in Chinese, ate an entire box of shells and cheese by myself, and got chicken strips and fries and a biscuit from the fast food chicken joint down the street. I have not exercised in over a week, due to my workout buddy being sick just before I went down with it.

But, I don’t feel bad. I see no need to feel bad. I stuck to not smoking and drinking, even though the temptations were quite strong during the wallowing phase, where it dawned on me how much I had eaten and how glad I was no one had seen me do it.

Got to get back on the horse that threw me. Starting up again today. Got a nice, boiled shrimp and rice lunch to take to work, all fixed up and ready to be packed in tupperware. Got a nice big bunch of broccoli crowns in the frig to steam up for lunches later in the week. Going to talk to Kim about extended supplementary workouts for a few days until I feel like I’ve made up a little of what I let fall by the wayside. Going back to work today after a long, phlegmy/nasty¬†weekend. Got the apartment all straightened up of dirty clothes and dirty dishes and grubby tissues that didn’t quite land in the wastebasket (oops).

Last night I felt well enough to get back into a sewing project I’d been neglecting during the worst part of the illness, and got quite a bit done. It’s all through but the hand-stitching (eep) that I can do at work after my manager leaves for the day. Heh heh. “Multitasking,” indeed.

Thing to look forward to: starting on Jan. 31, nine days vacation to go back home and see my SBFF’s brand new baby!

Watching Pres. Obama’s inauguration speech right now. I didn’t vote for him, but I hope that he will surprise me and do a great job. I don’t mind being proved wrong, and I’m more than willing to hold my judgement and give him a chance. I do like Michelle Obama’s suit. Yellow is a secret weakness of mine.

Yay! I feel alive again!

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  1. Your attitude is awesome…just forget the messup and get on with the journey!

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