That is how I can describe this week’s progress. Monday and Tuesday were ok. I was motivated and did ‘t have any social engagements in the evening. Well, Wednesday rolled around and I couldn’t stop munching at book club, then Rhursday I was at a play rehearsal and succumbed to wine, Friday my husband and I gorged on snacks at a dinne with friends and Saturday I totally threw caution to the wind and bough an ice cream from dairy queen on my way home from shopping, gorged on snacks at a BBQ and had five cocktails at an engagement party!

This morning I am tired, bloated, retaining Water and just where I was last week.

If I keep up this way I will never lose any weight! I really need to check in here everyday to make sure I am staying on track. This coming week I have a dinner with my mom for my birthday, a dinner with ,y grandparents for my birthday and another engagement party this weekend. I need to get it together. I am freakin’ fat!!

Ps for anyone who maybe reading this. I am typing on my iPad and I tend to make a lot of mIstakes that are difficult to correct so bear with me.

I don’t want to be a fatty in Europe zamongst gazelles. Ugh.