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Goals – Updated 8/19/12 January 1, 2009

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Updated for whats left of 2012. Gonna get through them this year!

SW: 205.6 (8/18/12)
GW: 145

3/20/11 Updates


Goal: Fit by 42 – Healthy outlook, Healthy weight

Objective 1: 1 Habit per week – List to be done

Objective 2: Finish Jillian Michaels Body Revolution – Week 3 starts 8/19/12

Objective 3: Plan, Prep, Pack food for all meals ~ 1600 cals daily/less ~ log 30 days minimum

Objective 4: Allow 1 off day for food OR exercise (not both) per week.


Goal: Reduce $12K in revolving debt by ½ by end of year

Objective 1: Build Emergency fund – $1000 by 9/15/12

Objective 2: Put away credit cards – no personal charging

Objective 3: Pay additional $100 minimum monthly toward card balances

Objective 4: Monday night is banking night – every week

Objective 5: Plan outing and vacations by 3/31/11 to save up. DONE!

Family Stuff:

Goal: Put more time into staying connected with family

Objective 1: Send out birthday cards each month

Objective 2: Quarterly dinner with parents

Objective 3: Weekly call to mom/dad/em/laura

Me Time:

Goal: Give myself 2 full days a month to do what I want

Objective 1: Read 2 books – Eat, Pray, Love – Blind Your Ponies –

Objective 2: Learn Photoshop Elements for Virtual Scrapbooking this year

Objective 3: Knit Scarves throughout year for shelter drop off at Christmas.

Objective 4: Blog 2X a week minimum



3 Responses to “Goals – Updated 8/19/12”

  1. inkheartmeg Says:

    Wow what a great, detailed list of goals. Very nice… inspires me to come up with some of my own. Thanks. Wishing you success and a great year.

  2. Bobbie Says:

    I like your list. One thing I did was get a Hallmark greeting card software program for my computer and some greeting card paper and I make my own birhtday or whatever cards I need to make.

  3. mothermavis Says:

    I love the one day a week off of food OR exercise. I am going to adopt that as well!!

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