The New Year

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I’ve seen posts at 3FC about this year being less active with new dieters at the site (which I agree with).  I have seen plenty of ads and news stories on tv about weight loss, diet and health this past couple of weeks, and I have seen the bump in people working out at my local Y.  So though the economy may be the utmost concern for people, dieting still has its royal place in the hearts and minds of the American masses.  As for myself, I did overindulge over the holidays.  I felt “deprived” and stressed, and like I wanted to have fun and enjoy the goodies (which I did).  I’ve pretty much got back into the healthy eating, though there are still too many sweets around, sheesh.  And I went to the gym again last Tuesday and yesterday, and I’ve been exercising at home again (only skipped one night).  I’m working my way back down to my ticker 248 (red face).  I’m in my mid to lower 250s now.

I’m half tempted to say “this will be my year to do it!” I feel like I’ve said that too many time, and that I’d be better off to concentrate on sticking to the plan one day at a time, concentrating on that next loss, keeping it as consistent as possible, since consistency is one of my biggest problems.  It’s a process, it’s a road.  Here’s to plugging on down the road.