Life is hard…then you get back on your program again…

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I have been on blog hiatus.  Why’s that?  you may ask.  I had personal and professional stress that made me feel overwhelmed by the thought of having to stick to my diet and exercise regime TOO.  But, you come back at me, don’t the diet and exercise make you FEEL BETTER?   Yes, yes they do.  I sometimes feel like I’m not doing it (losing the weight), that I’m a failure, I forget the massive amount of weight I’ve already lost and kept off, and I think, yeah, but what have I done THIS month??  And the answer is seesawed because I went away for a long weekend to the Hudson Valley and I ate chips, ice cream, Burger King, chocolate, cake.  Oh boy, I’m making myself seriously cringe writing that confessionary list.  Yes, I hiked alot, and had healthy meals too, and fruit snacks.  Face it, Marge, it’s not a secret why you gained 5 lbs these past couple of weeks.  Because I didn’t exactly stick to the program religiously once I got back either.  I struggled with eating extra goodies.  The stress level for work and personal have been at about an 8, and I haven’t handled it wonderfully (looking at the eating side to things).

Today was better.  I ate well, a little too much of the homemade spinach pizza at dinner.  I had a good workout routine at the gym.  I came back to 3FC, read and posted.  Wrote this blog entry.  Persevering when life feels like a weight is one of the toughest parts of this journey.  

Here’s me in the Hudson Valley