Saturday: The Farmer’s Market and Gym Hijinx

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Today I got an early start and headed over to the Park Slope Farmer’s market near the arch.  I made it a goal to take more charge of my meals, since I’ve been feeling like I’m not in control enough of what I’m eating: bf does all the grocery shopping and cooking.  I got spinach, a tomato, peppers, goat cheese, a steak.  For dinner we had a baked potato, steamed zucchini, broiled steak, and a big spinach salad with peppers and tomatoes.  Was very tasty and fresh and healthy.  Plus, I made it all.

Not only did I get a nice walk in through the park on a beautiful day, I bought healthy foods (there’s plenty of salad left over in the fridge for the next few days), I took charge of part of this weight loss effort.  And I went to the gym in the afternoon and got a good work out in.  Now I’m a little pooped, ha.

My challenge is going to be keeping everything going at the level where I consistently LOSE weight (as opposed to maintaining).

End of May

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MeOk, it’s reaching the end of May, I turned 45 this month and it really is time for me to start whipping it into shape.  I’ve stayed at this same general weight for (gulp!) years now, and it’s time for forward movement.  I logged back into 3 Fat Chicks, I’ve started plugging my foods into Fitday again, and I talked to BF about me cooking some of the meals (he’s the chef of the house right now) so that I will have better control of my food.