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Before Bed Challenge January 15, 2011

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I am trying to incorporate a smidgeon of evening working out into my schedule, because I feel that working out upon waking and just before bedtime are the most useful to me.  I want to start tracking my activity more, and I think making up challenges (and joining other people’s challenges) is a good way to keep myself motivated.

For this challenge I’m starting off simple, and I’ll probably keep it that way.  From today (January 15th) until the 12th of February I want to do twenty minutes of exercise before I go to bed at least three times a week.  For now I will be using Hemalaaya’s “Dance of the Kama Sutra” dvd.  It is very relaxing and sensual, and ought to help any girl fall in love with the beautiful body that God gave her!


4 Responses to “Before Bed Challenge”

  1. mrssparklingpersonality Says:

    Hi Didi! You are more than welcome to join my challenge! First check-up weigh-in is January 18th, and the second is on January 31st! Big hugs & good luck!

  2. jelbelle Says:

    I think that’s a really good challenge, actually. I won’t do it so “officially” but I will attempt to do it every day too. I’ve always seen those times as good times to work out, but I’m always less than motivated to work out at those times specificaly.

  3. skinnyk10 Says:

    It sounds like you are really motivated and doing great. Fun new look to the blog. Best blessings for your Valentine’s day challenge – but if you have a slow week – don’t give up – meeting your goal a week or two after Valentine’s is better than not meeting it at all!

  4. mrssparklingpersonality Says:

    That sounds like a sexy workout, too… 🙂

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