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i finally decide to log something September 19, 2010

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Today I didn’t feel like heading over to the gym, so I opted to do the 30 Day Shred.  I picked the level 2 workout, because I remember liking it better than the first.  Boy, that Jillian Michaels sure doesn’t screw around.  That workout kicked my butt proper.  For a moment I was afraid that I was going to toss my cookies all over the tile floor and my exercise mat, and that has only happened to me a couple of times during my entire workout career.  Eesh!  I ended up stopping it after 22 minutes (it is 28 minutes total) so that I could sit on the edge of my bed and pant like an overworked hound.  I refrained from doing any howling, however.

In spite of the fact that I have never actually seen that “Biggest Loser” show, I like Jillian Michaels.  I read a couple of her books, and got the impression that she does indeed want to help people, and isn’t just in it for the cash.  One thing that makes me feel a little sad for her is that she claims to really dislike working out.  I must donate a tear to the woman, because she spends so much of her time working out.  I would think that she’d be happy and full of rainbows about exercise since that is the profession she chose.  I’m a fricken lard ass, and I like to work out.  Being all sweaty and nasty kind of makes me feel good about life.  I also enjoy wearing official workout clothes, and that in itself is a riot because they sure don’t flatter my puffed up figure any.  My approach is definitely different though.  I do not see exercise as a chore, and if I strongly do not wish to do a certain activity on a certain day then I don’t do it.  Voila.

After my slightly shortened workout with Jillian, I hopped on my cousin’s exercise bike for half an hour.  This was followed with twenty minutes of swimming, and then a bunch of reading for class.  It wasn’t the most exiting day, but I got a lot done.

I also decided to start logging in the amount of calories that I am burning each week.  I’ve no interest in recording my calorie intake, but the idea of typing out my physical activities for the day appeals to me.  It’s totally the same thing.  Counting calories makes me want to commit sepukku, but I’m okey dokey with counting the calories I burn.  Oh the silliness of me.

I am using this link for calorie calculations    so let me know if you are privy to a better or fancier one.  I checked a few of them out, and find it amusing that each calculator will give you a different number of calories burned.  Naturally, I chose the calculator that averaged the highest amount of calories burned per activity.  My goal for the next several weeks is to burn 3,500 calories a week.

Oh, and yesterday I ate two pieces of cake. Today I ate one. I don’t know why I even bring it up. I don’t normally like cake too much, but it sure tasted off the freaking chain delicious. I don’t feel bad about it either. I’ve improved my eating habits so much in the past month that I’m pretty pleased with myself overall.


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  1. jelbelle Says:

    Alright 🙂 way to hop on the Jillian bandwagon, I will be joining you in about, oh, 11 days? I love Jillian, idk why but she has that mean look about her and every time I see her picture on the cover of a DVD or a book I’m like “damn, I need to pay attention”. I was on her monthly program there for a while where you pay a monthly fee and you get put on a diet and exercise program. It was really nice, but I think I strayed because it was just too set in stone and I wanted to be able to move around and make my own choices on what to eat and junk. But yeah, working out is pretty fun. I never think about it like it’s something I have to do to go in my routine, I usually just pop it in when I’m bored, or if I’m waiting for something. Sometimes I do multiple workouts just because I liked the first one so much. Makes me feel like a freshly sliced orange peel.

  2. pepagirl Says:

    I like using for my activities. They have a ton more choices than the one you are using and you pick your activies one at a time and add the minutes. It keeps a running total for you for everything. They also have a lot of other cool calculators like your BMR and RMR to let you know what you’re burning naturally just by breathing everyday. They recently merged with the livestong program so it will ask you to sign up if you follow the livestrong links, but all you have to do to bypass that is click on the calculator set that you want at the top of the page. Maybe you’ll like it better, maybe not, but it’s my first choice site for crunching numbers.

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