Weight loss for wimps day 1

I bought a few books on motivation and weight loss and the first one I’m starting with is called “Weight Loss For Wimps”  It deals w/the mental aspects of dieting which is really where I need to improve.  Along with the book is a 7 day journaling process.  I downloaded it but it’s a PDF and since my handwriting is awful I figured it would be better to journal my answers here vs. printing the forms and writing on them.

For day 1, the task is to identify bad habits.  My bad habits include:

  • all or nothing thinking (I’m either on or off a diet, good or bad)
  • secret eating
  • telling myself I’m powerless in social situations to control my eating
  • avoiding social situations at times b/c of my worry of lack of control
  • eating when I’m not hungry

I know this isn’t a huge list but these issues are deep-seeded.

Here’s the hard part, I have to pick 2 bad habits to eliminate today.  I’m tempted to eliminate 2 that are a bit easier (which would those be???) but I’m going to pick the ones that will make the greatest difference.  Drumroll please……all or nothing thinking and secret eating. 

I am also supposed to identify a tipping point.  This is something I have really pondered b/c I have been obese/overweight for nearly my entire life so I’m kind of used to it.  There hasn’t been a health scare, I fit in roller coasters and I still feel attractive.  But I think the root of it all is that I don’t like the fact that food is in control of me.  I am successful in every other aspect of my life and I can and will be successful here.

Finally, I am to identify the negative emotions associated with the tipping point.  I feel weak when I eat something I know isn’t good for me.  I feel like a coward b/c I know my tendency is to not even try all that hard when there’s a chance that I might fail.  Most people wouldn’t think this about me b/c I am pretty good at things but I am selective at what I will try.  Taking more risks is something I am pushing myself to do.  I feel naive whenever I begin the process again, hoping that this time will be “the” time but mentally telling myself that I’ll cave at some point.  And I feel angry that I even have to struggle this much with this.  Even though my hubby is overweight as well he can leave a piece of cake in the fridge for days and not eat it.  If I know it’s there it’s consuming my every waking moment.

OK, off to bed.  I’ll be back tomorrow for day 2.

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  1. narnia99 on September 6th, 2012

    I just bought the book and so far from what I have read, I think it’s going to help me. I just wanted to say good luck, you can do it 🙂

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