Off the wagon

Posted by blasphemie on June 7th, 2008 |Filed Under General | 1 Comment

Well I fell straight off the wagon and onto my fat ass 🙁 I started making some small slip ups eating too much here or there then went out to eat and pigged out. Next thing I know I had a cold and on top of it had started fighting with my husband a bunch. Stress and being sick made me want to curl up and apparently eat every single thing in sight.

 It is so strange how food can be so tied with emotions. I can’t really understand it. I get upset and I just want to keep eating like no matter what I eat I can’t feel “full”. It is something I need to think about more.

Also I begin to get more stressed out with slip ups and feeling like a failure and that I can’t do it and just completely stopped doing the entire thing.

I am gonna do it again. Pick myself back up and work harder. But sigh not today….


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