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30 Apr, 2010

Sushi night with the girls

Posted by: billie In: big plans

I’m about to head out the door to go hang with some friends for the night. I haven’t decided if i’m going to stay out and drink all night or just come on home. It depends on if they decide to go to a bar or not, i hate bars, too crowded and too noisy […]

30 Apr, 2010

i gave my blog a makeover

Posted by: billie In: basic BS

Now, if i can only do that for my body. I’ve been up half the night. This blog got a new name, a fresh look and i added lots of great links to my blogroll, check them out.

29 Apr, 2010

Fat as Mud

Posted by: billie In: blogging helps

That’s what i’m thinking for a new blog title. That was the name of my recent art exhibit (long story). I’m gonna sit on it for a few days and see if i still like it. Evening update: More laziness from me for the day. Pretty much the only thing I’m doing right is coming […]

Yeah, I know better. I drank a few cups of coffee (15 cal x3) but i just didnt feel like food until now….and i feel a binge coming on. But i came here instead because that’s what i’m supposed to do in this situation. I just ate a tapioca cup (70 cal) and a mousse […]

29 Apr, 2010

I’ll start my diet tomorrow…

Posted by: billie In: brain vs body

That’s a cliche that has certainly always applied to me. Actually i plan on starting on Sunday. I am however making plans, trying to get into the right mindset. I charted up a 2 week menu and a small exercise regiment. I wrote up a grocery list. I signed up for Janice Taylor’s 21 day […]

. That’s right… its been exactly one year since i have even been to this blogsite. Today someone read my blog and posted a lovely comment on post #41, thanks so much Dyncchiggic. I’m the type that always needs a little push. So… in the past year since i quit paying attention to all things […]

  • beerab: It's funny how what we now call binges are NOTHING compared to what we used to do!
  • round: Hi just checking in with you - how are you ?
  • round: nudge, nudge... how are you doing? I had champagne, wine & a decadent dessert Saturday, so you're not alone. I'm back at it... day by day

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