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It’s over

Oh man that portion of the holidays is OVER. Did I weigh myself in? HECK NO. Did I do well during the holiday? Eh- no not really. These past two weeks I haven’t gone overboard on eating- BUT I’ve relaxed on carbs and stuff for the food my mom made. Which is full of white rice and stuff- not exactly the best for me- but when I haven’t had it in 1.5 years then I’m going to take it! I am going to work hard this week to get back onto track and continue on with the weight loss. I am so sure I gained like 5 lbs during these two weeks! Though I’m hoping a portion is water/sodium weight….

Today is my sister’s bday and she wants to go out to dinner- but I’m pretty sure I know where she wants to go so (Mexican) so I’ll either have fajitas minus the tortillas or a salad 🙂

My mom is leaving this morning- my sister is taking her to the airport- I said my goodbyes this morning- and as much as I love my mother I’m glad to see her go. This visit was very trying- throughout the trip my mom argued with us a lot about things that really she didn’t even have to argue about! I don’t want to get into it- but it was very exhausting for me and the rest of the family…

Today is back to a full work week- you’d think after working 2-3 workweeks for the past three weeks I’d feel rested- but nope… I’m tired this morning AND I’m having some coffee! Will be calling my doctor to do the insurance tango again- so we’ll see how THAT goes…

I’ve got everything planned out- this morning breakfast is a whole wheat bagel and a laughing cow cheese wedge with coffee. My snack (yes going to snack more as the nutritionist asked) is going to be a banana, and then lunch is a large salad with grilled chicken. My afternoon snack is a bit of cheddar cheese and dinner is going to be whereever my sister wants to go and full of HEALTHY choices. I also plan on running today- since my sister works till 6 when I get home I will workout then shower and wait for her.

Off to start my coffee then come back and read your blogs- have a great day everyone- time to get back on track!! No more excuses till Christmas 😉

Yay for the half-day!

Yup today I’m leaving at 11 am WOO (cuz lazy me decided to come in at 7 am instead of 6:30 am). Not that I get to do anything fun since I have to take my mom to 9 million places! *sigh*

Anyways- get home yesterday and call my doctor cuz I’m like something is not right (when is it ever?). I speak to the nurse and she’s like the insurance wants you to do another sleep study, I told her that makes no sense because when you prove you have cancer, you don’t HAVE to prove it again. I have shown I have sleep apnea, I use a machine, what more proof do they want? So I ask for the number and I call- and the lady says “we don’t want you to do another sleep study, we want the RESULTS of the sleep study you have done already.”

I was like oh is THAT what you have been asking for? The lady sounded relieved that I UNDERSTOOD what she was asking for. SOOO I call my doctor’s office back and I’m like do you have my results? The paperwork that says so many apneas per hour? She says yes- and I’m like WHY didn’t you send them that?! They had sent the original request made for the CPAP, not my results…. SHEESH- do I have to do everything myself? When I get home I’m calling to see what happened. I also have to call for my husband’s medication as well- we’ll see how THAT goes.

Okay so on to more FUN stuff! WHO WATCHED BIGGEST LOSER?! I DID 😀 It was good- I KNEW the second Allen dropped under the yellow he was gone- who in their right mind would get rid of Liz!? I was surprised Amanda did as well as she did honestly. I was like watch she’ll get 3 pounds since she did 9 last week- but good for her. So now it ends with two girls and two guys at top? So who do you think will win? Honestly I hope it’s Daniel- I really like him 🙂 I thought Allen’s after story was wonderful and I teared up OF COURSE lol. I’m such a ninny.

Weights holding up overall- I woke up at 207.5 but not worried since I had taco bell for dinner last night. My mom didn’t cook and said “oh I thought you were going to cook” and I’m like mom- you didn’t tell me you were going to cook- I have no meat to thaw- I have nothing. So at taco bell I got their steak taco salad (I didn’t eat the shell) and a 7 layer burrito minus guacamole. Though I tore off a good portion of the tortilla and I loaded them with Hot sauce. I didn’t use the dressing for the salad either, I just loaded it up with salsa YUM!

I did work out again YAY ME! Half an hour on the treadmill, same routine as before- foot is bugging a bit today- but I’m okay overall. I think part of the 0.5 gain is sodium and the other part is probably some swelling/water retention from my left foot/calve area- so no workout today- maybe weights.

That’s all for today- have a good thanksgiving everyone!

The Insurance Saga Continues…

Seriously what’s up with incompetency? I posted a few days ago but honestly 100% exhaustion is in again. I call my doctor and I’m like it’s been two weeks, WHAT is going on? I want an answer TODAY. I’ve already gotten TWO answers from my husband’s case- I have yet to receive ONE here.

The girl I speak to says it shouldn’t take THAT long (hmph) and she’ll call right now to see what’s up and will call me back. About 10 minutes later she calls me back and is like “well the insurance says you have to have a sleep study done and you should have a CPAP.”


I tell her “uh I have had sleep studies done- one was last year- and I have had a CPAP since 2007. She was like you do? (UM are you MY doctor’s office or what?!) I tell her yes it should be in my paperwork. She pulls it up and is like “oh you are right I see it here.” So then she tells me she is going to call them back, fax them the proof that I have a CPAP already and did a sleep study last year. She thinks that’ll get the approval. She apologized and said that they never contacted the office to tell them that or this would have been taken care of sooner (insert my snort here). She says she will call me back tomorrow afternoon (insert another snort here) and let me know what the status is. I told her I want this taken care of ASAP. If I have to do another sleep study FINE but it has to be done NEXT WEEK- I want it done NOW. I’m not waiting 6 years for the referral for a damn study. I WANT IT NOW.

*breathes deeply* Rant over…

So yesterday- besides being exhausted- was a decent day. Had a lot to take care of at work, and of course when I got home I was exhausted. I had whatever mom made for dinner and I made my hubby hamburger helper (he doesn’t like the traditional stuff my mom makes). He took the leftover to work today so he could eat it for lunch as well. I didn’t workout because I then took my mom to a few places and when I got home at 8:30 I was so dead I just went straight to my bed and just read a book and was asleep by 9. Weighed myself and I’m 207 today- so yay I’m going down. Hopefully my mom is DONE with all her errands- she SAYS she is pretty much done but we’ll see!

Thanks for the suggestions on my C25K, I definitely will take it easy and possibly do certain weeks for two weeks instead of 1. Tonight I will workout as soon as I get home and if my mom wants to go out I’m going to say no lol.

On to another subject gah Christmas is so close I have to go shopping!! I told everyone this year I can’t afford a lot for gifts and I don’t want anyone to spend a lot on me- I’ve put a $20 cap (which is still kind of a lot but I’m shooting for $10 a person actually). I’ve got at least 13 people to shop for and hubby wanted to get me a kindle.

I said no thanks- while it sounds nifty- it’s $260 and honestly I’d rather read an actual paper book IN my hands than a little electronic device. And you have to pay to download the books- the library is FREE 😀 He then asked if I’d want a bodybugg- I said no they are too much- but I’ve heard the gowearfit is a lot cheaper and better- I’m considering getting one of those:

Anyone have one? Like? Dislike?

My husband wants me to get him some watch- I told him it’s $100 and he’ll probably never wear it so why bother? Seriously he gets stuff all the time that just sits around and eventually I sell it for cheap or toss it… Not this year- I told him pick a video game or something lol. Honestly I don’t really even want anything- I take that back- I want to finish paying off my credit card!

On that note I’m going to check out your blogs and then get to work 😉 Have a good day everyone.

6 days

And the countdown begins… My mom leaves next Monday morning- since I won’t be around to see her off then Sunday is my last day with her. How’s it been? Insane. Tiring… I have chauffered that woman all over town cuz now all of a sudden she’s too “scared” to drive. Last night around 5:30 pm, after been gone for over 5 hours I say I’m done I want to go home and get my laundry done and rest- and she starts arguing with me then asks for my car and I say no way- at first you were scared to drive now you want my car? AND at night? OH NO NO NO… NOOOOOO! Don’t get me wrong- I love my mom, but she’s exhausting lol.

So get home- get two loads done (I have one left but not a big deal I’ve got tons to wear now apparently lol) and get some time in with my fids (feathered kids) and my sister hung out with hubby and me on our bed for like an hour- we ate some popcorn and watched COPS and laughed at people. Those people seriously are HILARIOUS, the things they do. One dude last night got caught with drugs and said he was part of the “task force” and the cop was like I’m part of the task force- I know you aren’t. lol!

Anyways- it’s funny cuz yesterday I tried on a pair of 14s, you know, some motivation, and I could get them up- but not zipped- darn… lol. I was like got to stick to the plan and be good SPECIALLY during this week! So yesterday while my mom was on the phone I decided to restart the c25k but at my OWN pace. I don’t even remember how the program goes but I started out with a 5 minute warmup, then I’d run for 30 seconds then walk for a minute. I did this part for 20 minutes, and then at 25 minutes I walked until 30 minutes. And you know what? I felt good. I did it all, I didn’t stop, and best of all I ran at a 4.0 pace! I’ve never been able to do that! So I guess I am getting better at this running thing!!

So beerab’s c25k plan consists of this:
Warm up 5 minutes
Run 30 seconds, walk 1 minute, repeat till you hit 25 minutes
Cool down 5 minutes

I will gradually increase the running time- next week I’m going to do 45 seconds running, then one minute walking. 🙂 I think if I just go SLOOOOWWW I won’t burn out like I have been. And my left leg was hurting afterwards (but feels fine today) so I’m going to aim for at least 3x this week and 2 days of weight exercises (I found my old mat so I’m going to try the 30DS finally).

Weigh in this morning again at 207.5, which I’m not the least bit upset cuz I’m on TOM- makes sense. Just hoping this week to maintain since I know Thursday I will be enjoying turkey AND pumpkin pie!

Have a great day everyone! I’m off to read your blogs 😀

Sunday Update

It’s been a crazy few days- sorry I haven’t blogged at all 🙁 I miss you guys!

How have I been? Exhausted. I’ve taken my mother all over town to take care of shopping and so on. Kohls, Walmart, Target, for a bra fitting (cuz seriously my mom isn’t wearing the right size at all), to her doctor appointments, and so on. Today I’m going grocery shopping for everything we need for thanksgiving and the rest of the week. It’s going to be 10 of us- a pretty decent size- I’m like gah where are we all going to sit?! So far for sure there will be 8 of us, that we can squish in, but ten no way.

How is dieting going you ask? How is exercising? Eh don’t ask… Dieting isn’t TERRIBLE but it’s not the greatest- calorie-wise and so on I am doing like 1500-1600 a day, but carbwise it’s not good since my mom cooks a lot of dishes with carbs and won’t let me cook- I won’t lie I’m not complaining too much AND I miss my mom’s cooking! I haven’t had her food in almost 2 years, so I’m not too fussed. She leaves on the 30th anyways and then it’s back to business.

Exercise hasn’t been too great- only worked out 2 days so far and only 20 minutes cuz I’m TOTALLY exhausted. But I weighed in yesterday and was 207.5 so I’m not that far off on weight or anything. I’m close to the lowest I’ve been and that’s good enough for me for the moment.

Called my doctor- still no news on the medication- frankly I’m getting pissed- I guess I’m destined to just be tired forever. Been sleeping an average of 10 hours a day since I’ve been off- still exhausted because it’s not GOOD sleep… Monday when I call I’ll also ask for a referral for another sleep study. I’m going to have my prescription done through my work’s online prescription plan so that I can get it all at once vs just a month at a time. Just waiting on that damn approval…

Anyways- that’s all ladies- off to catch up with you!

H1N1 vaccine

My work offers the H1N1 vaccine currently to all employees, it’s available during work hours and you don’t lose pay to go get it- your supervisor has to let you go, etc. The county WANTS everyone to get this vaccine. So yesterday I got off work early and got my vaccine. I swear I never ever react to shots well- even the Tetanus shot makes me ill!

I got the shot- and immediately started to feel funny. The nurse told me if I get certain symptoms go straight to the doctor, but I just started to feel kind of faint, I didn’t faint but I basically just got to my car (with hubby) and pushed the seat back a bit. Then the aches started to happen, which the nurse said was totally normal. That night I felt very nauseous- ANOTHER side effect. I was able to get down some dinner (oh man mom’s cooking *drool*) and barely could stay up through biggest loser! Which I’ll talk about in a second. I slept well but in the morning my fingers felt slightly swollen, like if I didn’t drink enough water, but I know I did, I had at least 6 glasses of water just at home! That’s in addition to my normal 3-4 while at work. Got dressed, felt a little blah- but I kept on, brushed my teeth, and walked out the door with hubby. As soon as he started to pull out I was like OMG STOP! Ripped open the door and yacked… *sigh* DISGUSTING man… After I yacked and hubby tried to make me stay home (which I refused) I went back inside, rinsed my mouth, grabbed a piece of gum, and came back. Actually after that I felt better and feel fine now. Still slightly achey, but better than nothing. All in all I am glad that I got the vaccine and to be honest that’s NOT the worst experience I’ve had with a vaccine. Tetanus is way worse…

Anyways- If you haven’t watched Biggest Loser then move on cuz I’m going to give spoilers! I thought it was a good show last night- the makeovers were great- everyone looked beautiful! Rebecca looked so much better- I hated her other haircut lol. And the black was too dark for her. But she looked AMAZING afterwards- I thought it was so sweet when she cried at her marathon.

I was really surprised at Amanda- 9 lbs! Was it just my imagination or did all the girls look REALLY good? I mean they looked so tiny to me now- I was like are they wearing spanx?! lol. Even all the guys look so good- Danny’s my favorite- I cried during his speech- my husband thinks I’m nuts- but he doesn’t get it- I could relate to everything they all said, being overweight all their lives, not feeling good enough, etc. And when Liz talked about watching the biggest loser while eating- I’ve done that! Anyways- they all are so inspirational to me- I want to be able to run too- like Rebecca AND Mrs. Fat Pants (yes you), I wanted to workout yesterday but the nausea wasn’t allowing it. Today for sure I will get that workout done. 🙂 Just ten minutes- maybe longer… 😉

Yesterday was WW3 at my house. My mom starts telling my sister that her and I need to take my mom’s name off our cars (she cosigned). Then she tells my sister she doesn’t want to pay her cell phone bill anymore, and then “reminds” my sister when she graduates and gets a job she’s not paying for her health insurance anymore and so on. Of course my sister is like WHY are you telling me this now while I’m getting ready for school?! My sister’s starting to get mad and then my mom sees it as we just want to use her for money- so my mom starts saying that- and my sister gets mad and is like wtf leave me alone- I’m not talking to you- they get into a screaming match and my sister grabs her stuff and leaves. At 8 am I get a phone call from my sister. When I answer I can tell she’s upset and I’m thinking oh gawd what happened? She tells me what happened and I’m like don’t worry about mom- she’s just acting nuts- go to school and it’ll be okay. Then my mom calls and tells me what happened- I asked my mom why all of a sudden she wants her name off our cars- and for us to do that we’d have to refinance- my car has less than 2 years of payments on it and I’ve never missed ONE payment, and there is no way my sister can re-fi because she isn’t working full time. Then my mom says “oh I didn’t know you’d have to refinance, nevermind…” GAH! Then I ask her what’s up with the third degree on bills all of a sudden? She’s like oh well I’m just saying…. I told her mom just leave it alone- you make more than enough money (who in these bad economic times saves HALF their paycheck at minimum a month?!) and you supported me through college (and actually spent a LOT more for me than my sister) so what’s the big deal? When she tried to mention I was using her for money I told her that it was so rude for her to say that when because of me she was able to get this job and she should remember that. Without me no one would have taken care of the kids and my father wouldn’t have done it unless my mom gave him like $3,000 a month at MINIMUM. My mom sure as heck doesn’t pay me for my time! She pays the mortgage and her bills and we take care of everything- I think it’s a fair trade. No matter what she’d still have to pay her mortgage… So she eventually calmed down and I told her I had to go back to work. When my sister got home I could tell she was mad still but she didn’t say much. So hopefully no more melt downs for the rest of the vacation…

Oh and I found a food scale I liked:

It’s about $25 and holds up to 6.6 lbs, I’m going to see if I can find one with a higher capacity but so far this seems to be the one I’m going to go with.

Got a busy day- kits to make, papers to prepare, and so on. Tomorrow and Friday I’m taking off to take my mom to the doctor and spend some time with her. Have a good day everyone! 🙂

Does this blog make me look fat?

Haha couldn’t help the title- but honestly I’m not really happy with how I look in the photos 🙁 It’s just more affirmation for me to get my butt into gear- as much as I have lost it’s barely a dent compared to how much I have to lose. I am 209 this morning- I ate well yesterday and drank a ton of water!

My mom’s friend invited her over for dinner- I was going to drop her off but she insisted I stay- I was like sure no problem- I actually hadn’t even had 500 calories by then- yesterday I was so busy at work. She’s actually lost a lot of weight and told me she’s been cooking healthier the past few years. For dinner she made a salad with romaine, cucumber, and tomato sprinkled with lemon and the morton’s lite salt. Then she also made dolma- and if you don’t know what dolma is- well let me tell you- it’s HEAVEN. It’s a middle eastern dish (they also make it in Greece) and basically you take spices, rice, meat, veggies, and either use tomato sauce or yogurt and mix it all up. Then you take a grape leaf (the big ones that look like stars) and put a small portion in the leaf and wrap it up. People also use the onion skin, whole tomato’s, zucchini, mini eggplants, you name it you can use it! It’s all put in layers into a large pot, some water is added, and it’s cooked on the stove all day- and when it’s done- oh yeah! This picture BARELY does it justice!

Okay enough of that! lol.

Here are a few photos from the wedding- unfortunately I’m not really that happy with how I looked so I didn’t put too many.

Here’s the area where we had the ceremony- the minister is the bride’s brother- got ordained just for this- I think it’s sweet- he’s wearing the black with red. I love how her bridesmaid’s colors got progressively darker- from ivory all the way to red 😀

Yay married and running down the aisle!

Here we are at our table eating dinner- hubby looks great- me- eh…

Sorry just don’t feel like posting much more. 🙁 It’s funny before I was more accepting of how I looked- but I guess as we lose weight and pictures still come up with this weight it’s like I look like that STILL?! *sigh*

Anyways- I’m not getting discouraged- I’m plowing along- I’m going to keep going and I’m not giving up! These pictures just let me know I still have a long ways to go- and with the holidays coming up I am STILL determined to lose weight! My New Year’s Goal now is to be in onederland by January first. I think I can get there- that’s technically 10 lbs from now, I think I can do it since I saw 205 last Thursday.

That’s all for today- off to read some blogs- have a nice day everyone!

Good Morning Fellow Bloggers!

Oh man sorry I have not blogged since when? Last Wednesday?! I have just been SOOOO busy! I’ll do a quick recap today then I will have photos tomorrow I PROMISE!!

Thursday was a more relaxing day for me- I first went to the laundromat (or however it’s spelled) and got our blankets washed in those huge 55 gallon washers. Then after that the day was all me 😀 I went to see the nutritionist and I actually really liked her- she said overall I made good choices and gave me a breakdown chart of recommended portions good for my height and weight. She recommended 1200-1500 calories like I have been doing- and said on average from the two weeks I gave her I was eating about 1400-1450 a day. She also noticed days I got more protein for breakfast I did better overall that day. She also recommended that I snack in between breakfast and lunch because usually I don’t eat for like 4-5 hours between breakfast and lunch- which yeah makes sense cuz sometimes I am STARVING when lunch comes around. She also asked me about working out- and I told her that I try but am not good at it- so she asked if I can give 10 minutes a day. I said ten minutes? I can do that! She said yup most people go oh ten minutes? That’s it?! And then when they do their ten usually find they want to keep going- and if they don’t- well then at least you did 10 minutes… I understood her logic- so I was like yeah I’d be one of those people who would go longer… That sneaky nutritionist :p I have a follow up with her in January. So she gave me some great tips that starting today I’m following- yay!

After that went and got my hair cut- love the new cut it’s so CUTE 😀 My hair dresser loves me cuz I always change it up- I’m not the same old boring “just a trim please…” After that went next door and got my eyebrows waxed and a manicure and pedicure… OH YEAH… felt good but I have ticklish feet so when she was doing that callous scrape I kept laughing lol. I got my nails painted a dark gold color- they were fabulous- I didn’t take a picture darn lol- now they are kind of chipped- I know for sure a mani should last longer than a few days- but whatever- you get what you pay for. The mani/pedi as $36 and the eyebrows + upper lip waxing was $13. The haircut with tip was $42.

Friday morning we got up and hubby needed new clothes and shoes for the wedding so we popped over to Kohls and he got some nice shoes, new slacks, new undershirts, a dress shirt, a belt, and black socks. I found a bra to use with my dress and then I also got some cute shoes to match as well. Then up we went to Orange County! It was a smooth ride overall- I drove (which made it smoother lol) and we got to the hotel around 2 pm. The wedding didn’t start till 6:30 pm so we just spent some quality time together… 😉 And then we watched TV and got ready.

The wedding was BEAUTIFUL- the bride was beautiful- the groom was hilarious (we were friends of the bride), he kept messing up his lines when the minister was speaking lol. At one point he tried to kiss the bride DURING the ceremony and the minister (who was the bride’s brother- got ordained just for this) was like “uh uh! You can’t do that until I tell you to!” lol.

That morning I weighed in at 205- a number I haven’t seen since the days of Moses… Okay well maybe not THAT long ago- but you get my drift! I felt great and the dress fit perfectly but omg- at the wedding- there was so much variety of food! They had a cheese TABLE and a vegetable table. I attacked the veggie table first so that I wouldn’t load up on too much other stuff. Had some cheese, then they didn’t have a sit down dinner so hubby and I went over to the buffet line and we had a bit of everything they offered- potstickers (soo good), egg rolls, meatballs, rolls (they had whole wheat ones!!), ham and beef deli meat, and a chocolate FONDU FOUNTAIN!! *dies* I had two strawberries with chocolate and a mini puff and a slice of pineapple.

I filled up and ate a bit of everything- funny thing I gave hubby my meatballs and ate his potstickers. Then we danced! Hubby is a terrible dancer but it was still fun (he thinks about it too much IMO I’m like dude no one cares WHAT you are doing just have fun!)

Oh and it was open bar so I had two drinks (hey for open bar that’s good on my part!) Champagne for toasting and an apple martini (YUM). People were so smashed they were dancing up a storm and the music was great! Lots of older songs like Twist and Shout, and they played this Grease Mix- it was awesome! People were singing along and so on. I was told AFTER the party ended (at 11) that people went to a bar across the street and got even MORE hammered lol.

Around 10 my husband started to not feel well- he had a bad headache come on all of a sudden and was starting to get dizzy. I decided then it was time to say goodbye so we went to say goodbye to the bride and groom, hubby felt bad- but with his MS I don’t like him to feel uncomfortable, so we went home and I put him to bed.

The next morning we had brunch with the bride and groom and a few other people that stayed around. A bunch of people were nursing hangovers lol. Oh and I forgot to tell you- the bride and groom had a huge announcement last night! THE BRIDE IS PREGNANT! AWWW- just two months pregnant- they are so happy- they have been together like 8 years- she told me they had actually started trying already and were happy they got pregnant so fast. I’m sure she felt the clock ticking since she’s 32- but she’s in amazing shape as it is.

After brunch we drove home and did the finishing touches on the house cuz my mom was coming home at 11 am the next morning!

Sunday got up and got ready to get my mom- and I was nervous so nervous that while I gave her a hug I didn’t even cry. Got home and let my mom rest a bit- then she did her “inspection” and walked around the house. Course she didn’t find anything wrong… But she did comment later that night she was going to “clean” tomorrow (ug mom really?). I was like whatever I’m gonna be at work- you have fun! lol.

We took her out to lunch and got home and I started my barley soup- OH YEAH- just a huge pack of barely, some salt, a tablespoon of oil tons of water, a few chicken cubes, and chickpeas- let cook for a few hours until it starts to cream up and DONE! Oh man good stuff! I made a huge pot full- that’ll last all week 😀

This morning the apparent damage has been done! Woke up today at 211! BAD BAD! I definitely had to remedy that- I account part of it for the evil bag of funyuns with hot sauce and lemon my sister and I had last night… hehee oops!

Tomorrow’s blog nothing but pictures I promise! AND it’s back on the bandwagon today!

PS- Oh yeah forgot the sites were down a few days- probably good thing I just waited until today to blog again 😀

Happy Vet’s Day!

Yay! I have today off and am using it to clean- but did wake up when I felt like it and just had some breakfast- going to start around 11 am, that’s plenty of time to clean the kitchen, do my laundry, and clean my bedroom and bathroom before hubby gets home around 4. Oh and to workout at least half an hour as well 😀

Called the doctor yesterday and after a similar conversation to the last post they said they took care of it (we’ll see) and to call back Friday. OH I SHALL… I am going to get my new primary to refer me to a sleep specialist and see if my apnea isn’t something more serious- talking to a couple people with sleep apnea and narcolepsy they said having a CPAP and being tired all the time could be indication of another issue. Until then I’ll just deal with this as best I can.

Last night made fajitas for dinner- hubby wanted to go out but I really did not want to. My brother scarfed them down (at least someone appreciates my cooking- but probably cuz he doesn’t like his dad’s cooking lol) and hubby had one- I had two sooo good. I have leftovers for lunch today yum! 😀

That’s low fat sour cream btw- and yeah I realized I put way too much lol- I actually took some off after I made the photo lol- that’s what I get for being crazy with the sour cream!

This morning I got up at 8:30 (oh yeah) then made some breakfast:

Now I’m off to read your blogs then get the cleaning started- have a good day everyone 😀

OH btw if you watched TBL I am so freaking glad that Shay is gone- I got so tired of her crying and whining all the time- I think she behaved like an idiot during the challenge and when Rudy was like WAH WAH WAH I laughed cuz that’s how I felt- seriously what did she expect? She was going against all his friends- why should he in the end go against his friend as well? Though I think that the little pact they made beforehand was dumb.

Oh and I’m also glad Daniel went home- I don’t think he was into the competition so much anymore honestly- and dude is it obvious to anyone else who his gf is? *cough* Rebecca *cough 😀

Oh and am I blind or did they not show Shay’s transformation? I saw Daniel’s- but not Shay’s… I’m going to check online for it.

Phone Conversation

“Hi you have reached Dr. T’s office, can you hold please?”


*5 minutes of annoying music….*

“Hi Dr. T’s office, can you please hold?”

I’ve already been on hold for five minutes…

“Oh okay but can you please hold?”

*sigh* Sure….

*2 minutes of annoying music….*

“Dr. T’s office how may I help you?”

Hi I was just calling to see if the pre-authorization has been done for my medication? My name is so and so.

“Let me check- can you please hold?”


*2 minutes of annoying music….*

“Dr. T’s office how can I help you?”

Uh, I was on hold waiting to see if the pre-authorization has been done for my medication? My name is so and so.

“Oh okay- can you please hold?”

Uh huh…

*2 minutes of annoying music….*

“Dr. T’s office how can I help you?”

Yeah I was on hold already- I wanted to know if you guys called the insurance for pre-authorization for my medication?

“Your name?”


“Please hold…”


*2 minutes of annoying music….*

“Bee, the doctor gave you the prescription last Monday…”

*SIGH* I know that, but my insurance told me without pre-authorization I cannot get the medication.

“Oh you need pre-authorization?”

Yes, I told you guys that last Monday AND last Friday when I called to check and it STILL hadn’t been done. This is the second time I am calling- I don’t know why this isn’t being taken care of.

“I’m sorry Beerab, I will call right now to take care of this, can you just confirm your insurance information?”

Sure here it is again….

“Okay Beerab, I will get this taken care of as soon as we get off the phone.”

Please do and let me know if there is anything you guys need- thank you.

“Sure no problem, thank you.”

*hang up*

Seriously that was a HALF HOUR phone call! My heart was beating so hard and I was shaking so badly from anger…

STAY TUNED for the next installment of “did you call my insurance?”

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