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me and vodka just don’t mix :P

Yesterday I got a call while at work by my friend Myra (around 515pm) asking if I wanted to go out for drinks/dancing last night. I wasn’t off at 6..gets home, bf is nowhere to be seen..and god forbid if he picked up a phone or left a note saying where he is. Around 8pm I got ahold of his uncle (after calling 3 times) because I assumed he was with him..helping him move. I wasn’t sure about going out with the girls because honestly after not spending any time together last weekend I thought just maybe we could do something. He said to go on because he didn’t see himself getting done at uncles for long time. So as fast as I could, got ready, went to bank, liquor store and to Myra’s by 9:30. Yup I’m good :-). From there her friend had to pick us up..drop her car off at her brothers and he gave us a ride to some friends of hers. I only drank four vodka coolers but lately its either because they’re too sweet or I am drinking them too fast but I am getting queasy before I even feel a buzz. I don’t like this. I hate beer. I hate rum. I now cannot drink vodka. I will have to stick to the bubbly from now on. I stayed at Myra’s all night…she has this wickedly evil cat (and I’m a cat lover but this one is unique) she stayed on her couch and let me have her bed..this is two weekends in a row that this has happened and she didn’t mind a bit. She said the cat would have driven me crazy if I slept on the couch…lol. Got up around 830 am as thirsty as I don’t know what. I was also very queasy… wtf…why was i hungover from 4 coolers that didn’t really make me drunk. Had a piece of toast and glass of water and headed home. Got a little sick at home and went back to bed til after 12. I also didn’t have a big supper last night so maybe another reason.

Oh forgot to mention George Street. Its a street here in St.John’s that is filled ENTIRELY of nightclubs. We go to Sundance/Club One most times. You pay 8 bucks cover and it lets you into 4 clubs…its deadly! Smoking was banned in public places/night clubs here a few years ago and its so nice to not come home reeking of tobacco! Also, many times thru out the year they have the street closed off…pay 15 to get on the street and you can drink on the street and get into any club you want. Good times 🙂



Have a great weekend!



I cannot BELIEVE that its Summer and yet i’m feeling so cold..perhaps if i got off my butt instead of sitting around I’d warm up.

Haven’t blogged since last week. Bf and i were having issues. He is such a drama queen and when I got home Thursday night after the Graduation (which was a success) he starting going on and on about shit that was bothering him. I won’t get into any details. Anywho he seriously wouldn’t shut up and was driving me crazy so I just got in the car and drove…and that pissed me off even MORE because I all I wanted to do was come home and relax after a long day NOT listen to him bitch and complain (which i admit he doesn’t do often thank god). So when I came home that Thurs night I packed an overnight bag and said “after work tomorrow I won’t be home….don’t know where I ‘ll stay but i don’t deserve to hear such bullshit when I finally get home..yada yada.”

So on Friday I left work..went to supper w/ a coworker and only came home late that night because bf was gone to pick up his motorcycle out of town. I just needed some space. I got up Saturday morning and went to a friends house (she had planned a girls night long ago) and I asked if i could stay problem because we were having drinks. Anyways last weekend was stressful…ate a LOT..not all bad but just a LOT..stress ate. Didn’t come home until late Sunday afternoon. It felt good to go an entire weekend and not talk to bf and/or to do my own thing.

I came home he of course apologized over and over…..almost crying over it. I explained that I shouldn’t have to come home after working about 11 hrs to hear him going on with bullshit (all about that damn motorcycle he bought and having problems with it and the driver’s course he took to get his license). I said next time you have an issue fine say it and shut up. I was soo pissed off!

Anywho for now things seem back to normal. Weight was 149 this AM. Was hoping it would start going down. I have capris and new summer clothes that is a little snug since last year. Not happy at all about this.

I think I need to do the no junk food challenge with me, myself, I lol. It seemed to work a little before.


sooooooooo effin tired!

Tonight was our Preschool Graduation. For the first time EVER we combined with the other 4 centres…thats over 80 preschoolers in one building along with 3-4 family members each..holy bejesus. Our kids were quite well behaved (as behaved as a 4/5 year old can be I suppose) and overall it went well. After the children were with their parents, one child (who is a little wild at times and sometimes makes me worry if he’s even in this world, lol…) was out running around in front of the building, fell and cut open his face…off to the hospital. I HATE that some people have zero control over their children. I know they’re gonna be excited and accidents happen but i know these parents let him run wild and that pisses me even more.

Weight this AM was 148.5. I’d say it will be higher tomorrow..Today was such a shitty day foodwise. However I didn’t eat supper last night (wasn’t hungry) and had a small bowl of cereal with the children at morning breakfast beforehand.For lunch I had a grilled chicken salad (that also had lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, bacon and a few other things) and a piece of cake :(. Then for sup I met up with girls fr. work at McD’s because it was close to the Grad location and I had grilled chicken sandwich and fries. Then I had a sm. bit of ice cream and a cupcake. Horrible food day!!!!!!!

Happy Friday! It’s been a long week!




Yup 147 this AM..not sure if I should be happy about this or worried. I’ve lost 3.5 lbs in two days because I didn’t eat very much at all. Bf went to McD’s last night and brought me home a cheeseburger. I didn’t want fries.

So now I have to start eating more but yet try to hold on to that 147, lol. I don’t have an eating disorder and nor do I want one.

Our Preschool Graduation at the daycare is on Thursday night. It wouldn’t be so bad if it were just my 16 children and our staff but this year the company decided to combine ALL the centres…80 something preschoolers with up to 4 guests each. Insanity at its finest. Call me a pessismist but I can guarantee they won’t do this next year. And to make matters worse, we won’t get to practice at the church, where its being held. Also, our preschoolers have no idea who these other children are. I just may have to tie them on to keep track of them, lol. (Joking!)

Have a great day!


Weekends almost over :-(.

148 was the weight on the scale this AM. I barely ate yesterday…so not good..think I only ate about 600 cals. Lots of stuff going on around here that I really cannot get into on a blog site..but I am just a little bit stressed. I want to lose weight in a healthy way not because I’m stressed and I don’t feel like eating.

Just made and ate 3 pancakes for breakfast w/ coffee.

Hope you girls have a great day!



Well this AM I was 150.5 but after using the washroom, lol…I was 148.5…I got on the scale twice to make sure it wasn’t a mistake and sure enough 148.5. YAYY! Only 6.5 lbs to go. I want to be 142 again!!!!!! That is the golden number. I haven’t eaten a thing all day though so that may be why i’m down. Enjoying a half hot chocolate/ half coffee from Tim Horton’s as we speak. Bf offered to get me a chocolate danish and i said “nooooooooooo” lol..Yep thats right..I refused to get my most favorite thing there.

I have absolutely no plans today…perhaps just relax. Got a major sinus headache because allergies are acting up lately. If its not my arse giving me issues its my nose. Arghhhhhh. Oh well I’d rather a few days of sinus issues anyday than the other way around.

Have a great weekend chicks!


1:15pm: Oh forgot to mention that during the past few days I have been getting a very weird feeling on my left the same spot. It feels like an involuntary muscle twitch..I get them sometimes in my thigh… I used to get a lot of them before I discovered my B12 is low ( one symptom of it) and I haven’t taken my supplement lately..I know, I know..I SHOULD be. Anywho..the feeling is like a bug crawling on me and it is freaking me out! Might be from doing a lot of Zumba/exercise in the past week…I have no idea!

I’d so love to do Zumba by this guy:

Soooo glad tomorrow’s Friday!

I was very surprised to see that my weight went DOWN yesterday from 153 in the AM to 151.5 before bed..weird…..

Had a great day today. No stomach issues..seems like the week before TOM I have the most issues. Went to Zumba in the next community and picked up my friend, Myra and took her with me. It honestly was really out of my way to go get her and back track but I wanted to. We’ve gotten really close in the past few months…she’s doing a Biggest Loser Challenge at work whereby everyone had put $10.00 in a ‘pot’. Each week they pay $2.00 and whoever loses the most that week gets the $2.00 from each person. After 3 months, whoever lost the MOST weight in those months, gets the $10 from each participant. So yes I want her to win. I’ve seen her groceries and she eats INSANELY healthy..more so tha myself I think and she’s busting her butt trying to lose weight. I think years ago she was 270 and is now 199. I think we both relate really well to weightloss and can talk openly about it to one another.

Anywho the workout was amazingggggggggggggggggggggg! Instructor is Columbian and a true natural.

Off to at 730 am tomorrow :(.


whew…little relief!

Well after my last post I took two Senna laxatives that night…did a little in AM…still extremely bloated/crampy…and again yesterday evening…still left feeling really pun intended…lol.

I’ve heard of and read up on Colon Hydrotherapy (not something that I WANT to have to do but think I need to literally be flushed out, lol) and did a search of local practitioner’s (Colon Therapist/ Nutritionist) here in St.John’s, Newfoundland and found just one. I think she is new because I remember searching this last year and had no luck. I sent her an email and told her about my situation and wanted some info regarding the hydrotherapy. I also told her that my Dr. says consume lots of fibre/water, etc and I should be fine. Bullshit…I told her that I eat lots of fibre, very active, and drink lots of water and still nada. Obviously there’s something wrong. She responded and told me that although the colon hyrdrotherapy is a great thing to do, it wouldn’t be a long term solution to my problem and suggested doing a nutrition assessment on me (cost $125 on site but she said $100 in email and $80 for the hydrotherapy). The assessment would consist of two appointments (hour each time) and prior to first appt I’d have to do a lifestyle/ food log for 5 days to bring with me. The first appt would be for gathering additional info. Once she collected info she would do about 7-10 hrs of research (not sure what that involves) and then come up with a suggested plan/ diet etc. She said if I had a wheat intolerance, the high fibre would aggravate a lot of the problems. I didn’t mention the negative Celiac Disease test in my emails but I’d have to include that in the first appointment. I have to call my medical insurance with work to see if its covered..Hopefully it is because it does cover appts by Massage Therapists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, etc. I think I’m really going to look into it. My problem is either dairy or wheat. I think I’m going to begin drinking soy milk or almond milk and give up my reg skim milk. Okay enough about this boring stuff!

Weight this AM was 153…TOM and full of crap..yay.

Had a really busy day at work….I have a new coworker who is fabulous…really ‘on the ball’ and so easy going..unlike my last coworker :-(…thats an entire story in itself. We brought the kids to a huge ball field and let them run. I jogged around the field two and half times..I know not a whole lot…played soccer, did some sit up withs them, stretches…they wear me out! We were there for 1.5 hours! Oh a picnic snack too!!

Alrighty I’m off..fingers getting tired and I feel like napping.

Have a great night!


Again TMI :-(.

I haven’t used in about 4-5 days and I am terrified to weigh myself. How am I keeping all the stuff inside of me? I had Mc’D’s on Friday night for treat…big breakfast out yesterday…and other stuff..lots of fruit/whole grains/ fibre..and still nada. Last night I ate 6 chewable Phillips Milk of Magnesia and still nada. My stomach aches..I feel so bloated and disgusting. I feel like NOT eating anything until something comes out, lol.

Did a 70 minute Zumba fundraiser Saturday night…Part of me thinks what a loser I must be to working out on a Sat night..then I thought no..I’m proud of myself for doing it…coulda stayed home on my butt …..also went for 35 minute walk earlier that afternoon…over TWO hours of exercise on Saturday!! My usual Zumba instructor, Claudette put off the fundraiser and there was a Zumba Education Specialist (she was in town training people to become Zumba Instructors)…and boy does she know her stuff!!!

I am hoping that any sort of exercising will help my stomach or give me some relief so i just went for a 25 minute walk/jog in the rain..came home soaked as a dog but oh well..I feel great..besides the stomach.

Anywho wish me luck in the gastro dept chicks! lol.