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Happy Friday (tomorrow :P )

This week was only a 4 day work week for me but it feels like its been as long as a regular week. Weight this AM was 151.5..I am HOPING that it was sodium from yesterday making me gain ( made noodles w/ stiryfry sauce/veggies and a little low sodium soya sauce) and had some baked salt and vinegar chips last night.

Coworker came to me today saying she cheated on ‘junk challenge’ last night and paid me $2.50. She then goes to say..I had a chocolate bar with it. I said well that’s TWO can’t combine them she said ” well why don’t you have a treat or use it as a freebie for yourself.” I SHOULD have said no…or i’ll let it slide just this once..but I said okay I’ll have a small piece of pepperoni pizza ( today was pizza day for the children..we order in from a local takeout). I didn’t need that pizza…I had a small chicken breast sandwich for my lunch as well and had other healthy snacks packed. I will not do that again and won’t let myself have a freebie. Tomorrow is treat day and I’m wondering if I should have it or wait until Sunday…SEX AND THE CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else going to see it or already see it?!?!?!!?! I’m super excited…all my episode watching/downloading has paid off 😛 (I downloaded all 6 seasons and SATC the movie to prepare for this). What i was going to say is that maybe I should wait until I see the movie on Sunday to have treats..not sure yet! OR just bring some healthier treats in my purse…lol.

Alrighty have a great FRIDAY everyone!


 UPDATE: talking to my coworker…and she had a burger and onion rings..blaming bf..i said don’t blame him! Anywho she owes me another $2.50. I made chilli w/ extra lean ground beef and a TON of veggies. Sent my bf to grocery store for a pkg of dinner rolls and he returns with this huge ass bag of 18 buns/ croissants/ bagels….good price he says….fawkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk……A club pack of carbs for a carboholic!

Good morning everyone!

Weight is still a miraculously 149.5…how in the hell I really don’t know. Eating Quaker instant high fibre cinnamon raisin oatmeal and tea w/ skim milk ( gave up sweeteners few weeks ago).

Short blog…off to work I go….


horrible no good very bad weekend…lots of junk food+no exercise=yuckk

I had zero self control over the weekend….just said eff it all and ate horribly. Started on the way home..shared small bag of Cheesies (cheese sticks…like chips) with bf and a bag of Peanut M&M’s. Bought container of Neopolitan Ice cream while home….had 3 small bowls. Homemade fries with gravy. Lemon cake. Hmm..should I keep going..or am i going to make you all vomit? I WANTED mcd’s on the way home today when we stopped in Clarenville……with all the traffic on the go we decided on Tim Hortons and I had my usual half hot chocolate/ coffee.

At another stop, bf had a medium taters at Mary Browns (chicken take out place) and I had only a few. Ate a small bag of Sunchips.

Just ate a late supper of McCain sweet potato fries (oven baked) and a chicken breast (deli)/cheese sandwich grilled (fat free cheese slice)…loaded with hot peppers.

Over the weekend my BM’s were normal….no constipation..perhaps from all the greasy food/ junk and just because I ate a LOT more than I usually do. My face is broke out HORRIBLY……it has been in past few mths..Dr. says because of hormones changing..I’m in late 20’s…but this weekend it was disgusting…and I get so stressed about it that I pick at it or I am constantly tweezing my eyebrows. (I’ve read about a disorder where someone is constantly picking at skin or face or tweezing..probably got

I had planned on going to Aquafit (which began one minute ago) but I think I even sabatoge myself there…I put off eating supper until 30 mins ago…I know that I won’t exercise on a full stomach..therefore did I go exercise? no :-(.

Coworker asked me earlier if I wanted to do the no chocolate/ junk food challenge again. I said one month but she said do two weeks first and see how we do. I will have to do the two weeks with her and challenge myself to a month. We also upped the amount we have to pay one another to $2.50 instead of $1.00. So much easier to cheat when u have to pay only a dollar to one another. The last time we did it, we ended up not paying one another because we both cheated the same amount of times. Bf just went to a convenience store and I got him to buy me a chocolate bar..fruit and nut..which i didn’t need at all but wanted it because the challenge begins tomorrow. Fridays will be our treat days.

I will not cheat, I will not cheat. I will not cheat. I will not cheat 

Reasons why??? I want to lose these 8-10 lbs…I want to wear the summer clothes I bought last year….I don’t want to pay her for empty calories and disgusting fatty foods that I don’t need or want…ok sometimes i want it…we all do.

I am going to go to Zumba tomorrow night. I need to get my ass in gear. IF we have a nice day this week I will walk to work (25 mins) and get bf to get me at 5…I need to stop talking the talk and walk the walk about this entire thing.

Have a great week chicks!


Long weekend ahead!

Yay..I’m so excited for the long weekend! Going home to Glovertown tomorrow after work..Off at 4pm.

So i’ve decided when i’m constipated I will not I haven’t weighed in a few days..i hate having weight on because of it. Took more of those Phillips last night and that seemed to help.

Work has been a little hellish lately to say the least. I work with a girl who is extremely obese….lazy..negative and just ignorant towards myself/children. She is under evaluations now through management but I don’t know how long I can put up with it. She’s been evaluated twice..told areas to improve and STILL continues to get on with the shit she does. Some days she might be great..others she’s still the same horrible person inside. I think she is very unhappy with her life as well as lonely. I was told to ‘document’ any incidents of her not doing her job. Arghh..I just hope she finishes soon or I will get to the point of where I don’t want to go..and thats so not good.

Went to Zumba on Tues ( the class that my company is paying) and the instructor didn’t show! Found out later that she called my boss to let her know that there was emergency…her bf cut his finger / hand really bad and had to take him to hospital. My friend Myra/ I walked around Bowring Park last night..about 45 mins and I went for a 20 minute walk on my lunch break today. I know not very long but I had to get out of that place and clear my head. It’s pretty bad when its NOT the preschool children you look after that give you a difficult day. Heres a pic of Bowring Park (not taken by me). There is a huge playground there for children, swimming pool, walking trails, duck pond, swans, waterfall, etc.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend. I may go to the cabin w/ mom and her bf and do some


Happy Sat/Sun Day!

This blog was originally started on Saturday and finished on

Weight this am was going back and forth from 149-149.5. Yippee.

Coworker brought in some Phillips Milk of Magnesia yesterday for me. After 2 Tablespoons I was urging and couldn’t take anymore.

Ok so I had to save that last bit and now its Sunday and I’m finishing the blog entry. I was out to Lawtons yesterday and got a bottle of the Phillips Capsules..hopefully they won’t make me gag as much as the chalky liquid

Letters to JulietYesterday I went to see “Letters to Juliet” with friend, “M”..myself, her and another friend usually go to movie and/or supper once or so a month. The movie was pretty good…romantic/ funny. We didn’t bother w/ supper. Our next movie is Sex and the City..I so can’t wait for it!!!! It’s gonna be the ultimate! For the movie I had Sunchips, a Big Turk Bar (low fat but calories galore) and a Coke Zero. Stayed away from the over priced, over fattening popcorn.

Last night bf and I got a pizza and garlic fingers. I am sure with all the cheese I will be back to the constipated state I was in and probaby back to the 152. Last night I was asking myself “how bad do you really want to lose these extra few pounds?” Like seriously….I have a good weight on the scale..finally..and I go and eff it up with eating junk.

Bikinidreamer– what is the name of your blog? I am trying to find/read it. I always try to make an effort to read the blogs of people who make comments on mine but somehow I can’t find you! lol.

DId i mention in any of my earlier blogs that I have put in my one month notice at my gym..New World Fitness? It’s $50 a month that I am basically throwing away because I rarely go anymore. I got tired of doing the aquafit..(its over at 9pm..too late for me..and some of the instructors don’t motivate me enough to want to go)…The only Zumba class now offered is on Monday nights and that instructor annoys the shit out of me. Spends about 2-3 minutes before EACH song going over moves..wasting time..I guess this is great for anyone who is new to it. I also find her voice extremely phony. Yes people..a lot of shit annoys I also find that she changes up the moves a LOT..hard to keep up with her. I am not interested in any of the classes offered anymore and I have never had much of an interest in using the machines/treadmill, etc. Also now because my work is offering the zumba class free to staff on Tuesdays and I go to Paradise (nearby community) on Thursday nights for Zumba….I really didn’t see the point in keeping the gym membership. However the Paradise Zumba finishes in June for the Summer and a friend/I are going to go to another drop in class offered throughout the summer on Wednesday nights…yes I’m blabbering and probably boring you all to death.

Alrighty…off to do some more relaxing…it’s 2:20 pm..I’m still in my PJ’s and in relax mode. If only I could find the energy to go for a walk..Hmmm…


TOM and

Yep its TOM and I am back to the effing 152…wtf………..ok so here comes the TMI…..I was really constipated over the past weekend…went from Friday to Tuesday and didn’t ‘use’ the washroom…this isn’t really anything new to me..being like that..I just hate it..I feel bloated…like I have to pee and I find it hard to sleep. Perhaps thats part of the reason for the weight gain…I’m literally full of crap..hahahaha. Okay so I apologize now…I think I’m going to treat my blog like its my diary…I am not going to worry about what I write in it…none of my close friends know about this blog and no one has ever read a little but he really couldn’t care less.

I went to Zumba Tuesday and tonight. Tuesday was with the instructor who used to teach at my gym..the one whom my boss hired to teach us one night a week..and she just happened to fill in tonight for the other class I go to.

Went up to so called bf’s house last was her bday…and I felt to embaressed and guilty when she offered me cake ( this very sweet pound cake that I really don’t like in the first place) so now I owe my coworker $…(cookie on weekend….potato chips that bf bought….cookies at subway….of course I couldn’t fricken get a bag of baked chips..that would be the sensible thing to do…..and now the cake).

Last summer I bought and was wearing capris and a really cute white skort that is a size 5. I tried on the skort the other night..I can get it done up but it’s snug….I have work to do. I REFUSE REFUSE REFUSE to buy larger summer clothes when I bought so much last year!’s almost the weekend and I cannot particular’s a cute quote for ya:

Inside some of us is a thin person struggling to get out, but they can usually be sedated with a few pieces of chocolate cake.  ~Author Unknown

Good and bad news!

Well bf and I went out for supper last night..yesterday was my ‘treat’….we went to a fish n chips place…and I ended up have a turkey (white meat) on whole wheat and turkey soup..not bad at all…we shared a small onion rings.

This am bf went to Tim’s and brought me back a chocolate chip cookie :(. I felt bad so ate it and decided I’d pay coworker the

Didn’t weigh myself this AM but said hell with it and just jumped on….149.5…whoo hoo…..Who needs junk food? It has to be the culprit! All those wasted calories and carbs that I was eating. I haven’t seen one 149 in a while!!!!!! Lets just hope it stays.

May go for a walk later with my friend Nadine..we’ve become very distant since January…I think a little on both parts…she had done some things that really pissed me off and I just stopped trying to hang out. Perhaps she’s over that.

Anyways have a great weekend chicks :-). The sun is shining here…..all windows open and getting lots of cleaning done.

weight :P

Happy Friday…

I’m so excited….weight was down to 151.5…Its been 152-153 for the past month or so…perhaps this is from the lack of junk food??? and just eating better…DUH…I am hoping that by the end of this challenge (next week) I will be down to 150 and in the right mind set to get back on track.

Goals for Next week

-Drink lots and lots of water, lol

-Get my ass in gear…time to get moving

-Keep replacing sweet cravings/snacks with fruit and eat more raw veggies

Have a great weekend 🙂


Well my coworker and I have been doing really well with our challenge. Substituting a lot of my sugar cravings / bad snacking habits with fruit and water. The only chocolate I allow myself each day is a Curves chocolate peanut granola bar…to DIE for. Today at work it was another staffs bday..I was on my lunch break..and sitting on the table staring me in the face was a chocolate fudge cake. Another girl on lunch who is about 100 lbs soaking wet ( I’m SERIOUS) and taller than me decides to have some. I’m like..”Should I? Should I?” Then I thought………i’m not going to let a piece of cake WIN….I decide what to eat..not the cake..does that make any sense? My coworker whom I’m doing the challenge with even said…we can a truce piece…both have a sliver..and we both ended up having NONE..yay sooo proud. Then this afternoon the children were served homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies…..and I ate a banana and an apple..was full and didn’t look at the cookies. I think this is a good sign! I’ve also stopped using sweetener in my tea…years ago I’d have two sugar and milk..then a sweetener and milk..and now JUST milk. I am starting to like it

I haven’t weighed myself in days. Part of me does..another part fears disappointment. I need to get moving..get active. I would’ve went to a Zumba class tonight from 7-8 in a nearby community but bf began his motorcycle course and it was 6-9….out near the I was like..WHAT am i gonna do from 6-7 and from 8-9. Told him to take the car and said shag the class. I was going to go for a walk until I realized he had both his keys and my keys ( on the car keys).

Off to read…currently reading “Perfect Match” by Jodi Piccoult.