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Happy friday to you!

YAY I love Friday’s..Two whole days of freedom from the! This morning’s weight…142 exactly! whoo hoo! I was looking over my weigh in’s since October and I think I’m pretty much maintaining….my weight ranges from 140-145..which I’m totally fine with!

Yesterday after work I went to the gym…walked around the track for 20 mins (speed walked) and then used two of the machines for the inner and outer thighs..I wish i could remember how to use more. I REALLY need to do the orientation class for the gym…a trainer will spend 45mins going around and demonstrating machines and we get to try them all out. I was so proud yesterday…picked Burger King up for my bf…I didn’t order a thing! I admit I had two of his fries and a bite of his burger..that was enough. I ate a leane cuisine and a lot of steamed

Alrighty off to the zoo….oops i mean a great weekend!



This morning’s weight was 142.5! Yay i’m back down there!! Hoping that it stays around for tomorrow because i write down every Friday’s weigh in. I know, I know I’m going to try and NOT focus on the number on the scale but my healthy habits and food choices..however i was starting to get a little scared when the numbers started creeping back up.

I think after work today (off at 430) I’m gonna go out to the gym and walk/jog on the track..and IF there’s not a huge amt of people around try some machines. Then I will come home, eat supper, babysit for an hour and then pack my bags for the weekend. (Going to my bf’s families house..about an hour away).

May not get time to blog much tonight!


Snow snow go away!

Ok so there is NO snow yet….we’re expecting blowing snow and rain this afternoon………all the schools have already said they’re not opening. My boss has a policy that she DOESN’T close….which is insane..for parents who are doctors/nurses etc. Anyways I have to open the centre this morning and I thought I’d have to shovel my way out the house and in the daycare—thank god it’s not started yet!!!!

Breakfast was a whole wheat body wise bagel(very similar to weight watchers but just from Dempster’s) and fat free cream cheese…with a cup of peppermint green tea..yum.

Lunch I am bringing a pear, yogurt and an egg white omellete with green peppers in a whole wheat wrap with salsa. IF I were doing points that would be 7 points until I get off at 4. I think I am going to starve..Perhaps I’ll take some celery sticks along.

Have a great day chicks! And if you have any snow I sympathize with you and the shovelling/ chaos it creates.


4:00pm-Home from work..left at 3 and got home..helped bf finished shovelling…….ohh soo yucky..thankfully a neighbour plowed out the front of the car ( I got a ride w/ a coworker because I hate driving in this). I’m quite thankful however I’ve been here 3 winters and this is the first winter with my bf living home or here……….and the first time someone has helped…up until now it was just me and my sis and we did all of the shovelling…oh well “THANK YOU” whoever did it..we have no idea!

I just called the gym and all classes are cancelled……just the regular gym is opened..and the track..I COULD go and walk/jog but i’m not sure.

Joy..I really like these the beginning I found it a HUGE adjustment going from the regular sized raisin bagels to a whole wheat smaller one. I have tried the WW bagels and they’re quite similar. I’ve never seen or heard of ww yogurt…I buy the danone silhoutte yogurts…they about 35 calories each and with Splenda..I love them!

Violentgirlx….where are you from? We got about ten centimetres…at first it was calling for 25-30! However our winds were VERY high and it blew snow everywhere. I live in a basement apartment and my bf had to go out and shovel the stairwell TWICE up to his waist! THEN on top of the snow we got RAIN……………..and the temps warmed up…so the snow was very heavy to shovel :-(…and now there will be nothing but a huge mess! The bagels are 2 pts. If you live in Canada, at Superstore they sell a really high fibre (6gms) cinnamon raisin bagel….they’re the store brand, President’s Choice and they are delicious. I’m not sure if they’re 2-3 pts. Yep I hear ya with the costs…the bread costs a fortune…all ww stuff does! I find that the the ww frozen meals cost a LOT more than regular brands but if you compare the two (which I’ve done) they have the same fat/calories/fibre and sometimes the other brands are lower points!

Diet coke you are my addiction….:(

Had a great day today food wise…supper was rice with egg whites scrambled in it..and TONS of veggies (onion, celery, carrots, beans, yellow and red peppers, broccoli and spinach) and a grilled chicken breast.

This morning’s weight was 145. I’m up FIVE lbs since Boxing Day! How the hell did I manage to lose 2lbs over Xmas and get down to 140.5 and now be up almost 5lbs??? Perhaps the break in the gym put me here and the eating out a lot more than I have in months. But I’m trying to tell myself that after a while it’s NOT about a simple number…it’s about knowing that I am living a healthy lifestyle and having healthy habits…eating lots of fruits and veggies/ drinking a LOT of water and exercising. I am also trying to portion out my food as I’ve always. I worked my butt off for over a year and have lost over 80lbs. I feel great and I know I’m going to stay this way!

Wore my skinny jeans today with my new “Peter Pan” brown suede boots….(the girls at work kept calling them Peter pan boots and loved them..whoo hoo Walmart 16.97). I felt a bit awkward wearing skinny jeans and always swore i’d NEVER wear them. But guess what……….I deserve to wear skinny jeans! Even though I feel my butt is a bit too big for

Have a great night! Looking forward to Zumba again tomorrow night! whoo hooooooooooooo!


Forgot to mention two things:

One thing I’ve been working at lately is trying to not pick at / eat some of the food I serve the children. For months I’ve done so well at this but lately it’s “oh well it’s only a bowl of mac n cheese..i can have it” um NO you can’t..perhaps why i’m up 5. Yesterday and today right before lunch I put a piece of gum in my mouth and this helped SO MUCH! Going to keep doing this until I get back to where I was.

Had so much fun at work the kids (8) bundled up in the snow pants/hats, mittens etc……and because our daycare is on a huge parking lot (church..hardly any traffic) I took them to a  HUGE snow bank..pile of snow..and we had so much fun climbing to the top and sliding down on our bums..then we went to the backyard of the daycare and they all kept trying to tackle and push me in the snow..ok so I let them……I cannot believe the energy I have now with them compared to two years ago…ohhhhhhhh one MORE thing……….my snowpants are an XL MEN’s! I remember TWO winters ago I could barely do them up..I swear to God………..Last winter I could get them done up just right..little loose…….and now it looks like i’m wearing one of those fat suits…the ones you see in the movies…….it is hanging off me!!!!!! whoo hooo

“oooh ahh just a little bit, ooh ahh just a little bit more!”

I dunno why that is my title..I’m just singing it in my head……..oh dear boyfriend just got a call letting him know he could be going back to work the next 4 weeks…part of me was used to having him around and I do miss him terribly when he’s gone but another part of me is so glad…I’m extremely independant and I love doing my own thing…going wherever I want (and no he doesn’t dictate where i go)..and so on.For instance IF he was away tonight I’d probably would’ve done the Zumba from 6-7 and then Aqua aerobics from 8-9. But I try to be considerate and not spend all my free time doing things such as gym/babysitting. You all know when you’re in a committed relationship and you live together you just can’t do things according to how you always want to do them..There’s someone else to think about as well. Hmm…….yup so that pretty much sums it up–I have a very selfish part!

 I think I deserve to feel selfish after my last horrible relationship..My self esteem was next to nothing…I was treated like a maid/personal cook. I DON’T THINK SO! ( No offense to anyone who is the traditional woman..but I’m just not)  Literally I felt like I was worthless and used….When I was with my ex my grandfather passed away…and I remember leaving his funeral thinking life is too short to put up with such shit and be treated this way. I would never want to leave this earth unhappy.

He passed away early April and by the end of June I told the unappreciative jerk I was moving..packed my stuff and got out!

Anyways enough about my past…Just wanted to show you all why I am selfish…lol..I’ve never really had the opportunity to BE selfish and I think for once I deserve to be! After losing this weight and beginning this journey I began to realize that I am worth something..I AM a person and I deserve to be and feel the best!

As you may have read above I did Zumba again tonight..It was so awesome!!!!!!!!!! I am in love! I can feel it in my legs and arms and I did break a sweat.. I tried to not focus on the steps as much and just have fun!

Also went to the grocery store on the way home…bought so many groceries..we have so much food here for the two of us that it’s unbelievable (My younger sister who lives here as well buys her own..we agreed upon this a LONG time ago simply because she bought a lot of crap and I thought I was wasting my own money) I bought some pears and peaches instead of the usual clementines and gala apples. I also got bananas..I love them so much.

Yep this sure is a long blog…exercising is like a ‘high’ lol..oh mys…makes me feel so alive and upbeat!

Whoo hoooooooooo! Can’t wait until Wed’s Zumba again!


Fun day!

Getting ready to go to the mall for a day with my bestest girl buds. Not sure if we’re gonna have lunch or dinner together but we are going to see the movie “Bride Wars” and do a little shopping….oooh how i love girl time!

Food so far today was a yogurt..boiled egg and two slices of WW bread toasted with a little light cheese whiz. I just had a Curves granola bar for a snack. Not sure what I’m going to have for lunch/ dinner…depends on where we’re going. One restaurant we go to has a Santa Fe Salad that I may get. If it’s the food court I may get Extreme Pita ( which I find a little expensive…wrap, drink and baked chips or 11.60! Or I’ll get a wrap somewhere

have a good day chicks!

Saturday :)

Oh dear lord… and I decided last night to have pizza…and I wanted nachos…(Fridays are my treat night) and my stomach was in so much pain after I ate. I ate too much and lately I’ve been having some ‘stomach’ issues…bloated and not really able to ‘use’ the washroom. I eat TONS of fibre so i’m not sure what is going on. However I’ve noticed in the past that when I eat lots of lettuce/salads this happens..and this week I ate a lot of it.

My weight yesterday was 144.5. I think I’m okay in the 140-145 lb range. I’m not going to focus so much on an actual number…it causes too much stress and it should be about eating healthy and exercising. Knowing that I’m doing those two things should be the focus NOT the number on the scale which I think I’ve put too much emphasize on in the past few months.

I called the gym this morning to see if aquafit was going ahead and she said the pool was STILL closed but reopening on Monday. I hope this is true!

Have a great weekend chicks!

1:45pm…Does anyone HATE tedious cleaning such as I do?? Just cleaned out closet/reogranizing and getting rid of some crap…some shoes I have are even too big since I’ve lost weight! Gonna throw out the old, scruffy ones and give the good ones to a friend/coworker..whoever wants Boyfriend is cleaning up all the collected junk lying around…receipts…:S. I also just did something that I’ve been putting off for a long time. Cleaned out my underwear drawer..haha………Good bye XL granny panties..and supersize bras! whoo hoooooooooooooooooo..Feels good to get rid of CRAP!

the verdict!

Well I did my first Zumba class tonight and it was awesome!!!!!!!!..although I was as uncooridinated as a new born…but the music was awesome!! I didn’t break a big ol sweat but i’m thinking mostly because i was too focused on the steps. The instructor had the dimmed lights so hopefully no one could see…although I’m sure I wasn’t the only one feeling this way..ooh and my awesome aquafit instructor-Mary (60-something!) was there taking the class too! We even did a little Puerto Rican hip hop! whoo hooo!

When I arrived home from work my boyfriend was insisting we go out to eat we went to A&W..I had a grilled chicken (even whole wheat buns..I was impressed!) with a side salad and light ranch dressing. So of course I was rushing through eating…angry at him for wanting to go out..if I had stayed home I would’ve had lots of time to eat my Luine Cuisine & steamed veggies and get ready to go…oh mys..I know…relationships are all about compromise :S. Anyways I got to the gym at 5:58pm! (The class began at 6) so I was just in time!

I will definitely do Zumba again next Wednesday..even though it is taught Monday evenings as well I will still stick to the aqua aerobics Monday night…I don’t think I can do the 6-7 Zumba AND the aerobics at 8-9. I don’t want to hang out around the gym for an hour and physically i’d be exhausted!


Well just called out to my aqua aerobics class to register for the class and the pool is still closed for maintenance until at least late this week OR early next week. Then i remembered Zumba tonight is offered however the class begins in TEN minutes! I don’t have time to get ready and drive out there. CRAP!

I wish I had more courage to use the machines at the gym…I didn’t even know how to turn on the treadmill until my friend Steph showed me. I can see me trying something else and falling off it…..landing on my arse and all the young men….oh mys!


Feeling good about tomorrow!

Things are back to normal tomorrow—-Starting Aquafit…work is back to normal as well (all the children are back to school and back from xmas holidays). I am thinking of tomorrow as a fresh start. I am debating doing the 20 pts again (which isn’t sometimes very many calories) or counting calories…The Daily Plate takes time and some days I don’t have much of it :-(.

Supper today was rainbow trout (much like salmon) baked in the oven and a ‘light’ caesar salad (Low calorie dressing, turkey bacon, romaine lettuce and a handful of croutons). I am in love with seafood and could honestly live off it…well most seafood.

I bought some raisin flax bran muffins at the grocery store and I’m in love with them..although they’re 200 calories each, 1.5gms of fat ( I think!) and 5gms of fibre. I try to eat lots of fibre however the Quaker weight control oatmeal is getting a little boring…Not sure if it’s a good thing that I ate TWO muffins today…one was for breakfast (lunch time) and one at 8pm…. I didn’t eat a LOT today so I think it was ok.

Have a great night chickies!


(I’m not sure it’s such a good thing that I’ve mentioned I’m in love with so many foods..I can’t help it..I love a lot of



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