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So yesterday’s weight was up…which I should have expected…I’ve totally slacked off on being so crazy with my eating lately..perhaps I’m feeling ready to maintain..I know I’ve lost quite a bit and the scale is just going back and forth which is going to happen now that the majority of my weight is gone.

Home from aquafit..class was great as usual..however it doesn’t compare to what a great workout Monday’s class is with Mary as the instructor..I WISH she could teach every single class..I know i’d be losing the lbs then..lol. Today’s instructor made homemade Halloween cookies last night and brought them in to share..WTF??? Most everyone ate one except me…I am trying my hardest lately to stay on track or make healthier choices and I don’t care what the others think of me for not eating one. Another girl said “oh don’t forget your cookie..and I responded with “Honestly I don’t really feel like a cookie” What else was I to say???

Food for the day so far…..two slices of french toast…..(egg whites and weight watcher bread) and E.D. Smith low sugar syrup…..banana, orange and a Curves 100 calorie/4gm fibre granola bar.

My boyfriend is officially off work for awhile and on his way home from the airport..I’m so scared of my eating and my ability to control what I eat when he’s around. He has started to make comments like it seems like he is with a different girl altogether……he’s not used to the bony hips, shoulders, etc….He says I look extremely beautiful but a part of me thinks that he thinks I’ve gone to far with it…..when he does makes these comments I tell him if he’s not happy to go find someone else who’s larger if that is what he wants..lol…yes I’m cruel and blunt…..he insists its not that..just hard to get used to. Hopefully now with him being home more he will get “used” to the new me..lol.

Thought of the day: I think that fitness instructors should encourage healthy lifestyles and choices by NOT bringing in temptations such as “sugar cookies” as a treat for working out! I knew I was going to eat my granola bar when I got home and that was enough for me.

7:05pm..Has anyone ever checked out The Daily Plate?? According to my weight/height/age/activity level ( I chose moderate because i don’t work out everday and i work at childcare which is in that level) It said I need to eat 1962 calories for me to lose 1lb a week..isn’t this A LOT??? Does this sound correct??? According to what I’ve eaten today I only ate 830 and I burned 241 at aqua aerobics…I am wondering if my problem is that some days I’ll eat a LOT of calories and some other days not enough..such as today..what CAN I eat to increase my calories for the day but not go crazy with it???? Suggestions plz?

Just redid the calorie calculator..and I put in Friday’s weight 144.5 instead of the 145 I had in there..I also chose “lose 2lbs a week” and that brought me to 1457 calories a day..which seems more accurate..lol. Wondering if I should give up finally on the Points counting and concentrate on calorie counting…does anyone have any experience with just calorie counting? It kind of scares the crapola out of me!

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  1. njoy on October 26th, 2008

    You can increase your calories the healthy way by eating healthy calorie-dense foods like:

    – All natural peanut butter
    – Dark chocolate
    – Raw almonds, cashews & other nuts
    – Fruit & especially Fruit Juice
    – Whole grains, pastas, rice & cereals
    – Potatoes, yams
    – Sunflower seeds
    – Dried fruit
    – Beans & other legumes
    – Avocado
    – Dairy such as 2% milk, cheese, yogurt
    – Fish high in omega-3’s such as salmon, tuna
    – Red meats with the word “round” or “loin” in the name
    – Cook vegetables/meats/etc in olive oil
    – Add flaxseed or flaxseed oil to your food
    – If you can’t get enough calories from food, try a meal replacement shake. Add peanut butter, flax oil, fruit, etc to make it even more calorie dense.

  2. delitaagain on November 1st, 2008

    You probably do need more calories, especially with the exercising. I have to eat 2000 a day or my body refuses to lose. You probably don’t need quite that many. But especially if you are plateaued, you may want to try increasing cyour calories with good calories, especially good fats and the list njoy left is great. Hope you see this comment – I’m just catching up! Delita

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