Healty Living: LIFE + School + THe Holidays

Happy HOlidasy! 😀

Happy Late Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday!!


I know I haven’t touch 3fatchicks in a while. It’s not because I’m slacking on my weight. It’s not because I’m losing touch with healthy Living. It’s because of school again. I’m heading into a few busy week at school because of all those midterms and finals exams. Also, I’m not doing very well in school recently, and my grades have suffered.

So, I try to focus more on my studies. I still try to eat healthy and try to get bed on time. But it has been very hard. My schedule these days are very mess up because I’m expiermenting with my study schedule. Right now, I am trying to adopt a new study habit. I’m going to wake up at 4 AM everyday, and go to bed at 11 PM. This way, I can get some studying in during the morning, because I often find myself exhuasted and distracted at night.

My weight seem to be a side mission right now as I try desperately to fix my grades. T___T I know, I’m such a nerd, but I really need to be stick on myself with grades because there is somewhere I want to go after college, and it’s extremely hard to get in and required an extremely high GPA. But, I know healthy living is very important! 🙂 SO, i’m NOT givving UP. I’ll still try my best to carry through with my weight and I keep on trying to raise my grades.

The good news is that my holidays season starts early december. This means, I can finally go to the gym again and try to lose all those extra lbs I have been gaining.

I hope thanksgiving and all these “weekend” holidays meals, have not cause me to go back up to 125. I work so hard to get down to 123 lbs.. and I’ll be pissed at myself it I did gain. But it’s okay, I guess, I can’t be too hard on myself.

I have been getting a lot of helpful tips on 3fatchicks, and I’ll be sure to apply it to my life and schedule. I will continue to try keep my weight in line, and I’ll get back to drilling and losing weight when my finals are over. But until then, time to hit the books again.

Good Luck everyone! 🙂 I have been reading a lot of people 3fatchicks blog and I’m so happy to see many people having great success in losing lbs this holiday season! 🙂


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