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Finals Week Approaching…

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Finals weeks for my University is coming up. I will be going through 10th week and then hit Final weeks afterward.

I am completely exhausted over the amount of work, and the amount things I got to do. I am stressed and sleep deprived. It has been really shown in my weight and figure. I still maintain a regular intake of 1400-1500 calories per day. I want to maintain a healthy living style. But other than that, I have not been active lately.

For some reason, I still have been losing lbs. I don’t know why.

Anyway, I promised myself I won’t be back here until after finals. I need to concentrate on my grades now! But i’ll still come back on Sunday to post my weight in but there will be no digial update.

I am happy. I am on track with my weight lost. I am noticing the different in my body poster. I can fit clothes that I would never have dream to fit. Though .. I wish i look better in shorts shorts. But I’m sure that all is going to happen in the near future.

With that, I wish everyone luck!

Digital Update: 5/29/11

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Digital Update: 5/29/11

Quote of the Day!

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Today, I got 2 quotes for you. I got both from the 3fatchick forum!

1. This one is to encourage me to do my homework and study!

If you have to eat a frog, don’t spend too much time looking at it. If you have to eat two frogs, eat the biggest one first.”

I now think of my dreaded exercise workouts as frogs. I saw my trainer last night when I went for my exercise class, and said to him, “I’m here to eat my frog.”
I’ve spent most of today avoiding my run on the treadmill. I was trying to take a nap, but all I could think of was, “Darn it, I haven’t eaten my frog yet! Better get it over with.”

2. This quote is to remind me of my Healthy Living style and the way I want to live my life!

“We are what we repeatedly do” -William Blake”

Digital Update: 5/22/11

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Digital Update: 5/22/11

Healthy Living: Gaining Muscle Mass

Friday, May 20th, 2011

So, lately, I’m gaining weight. I don’t feel fatter, but the scale is telling me I weight more. This always happen when I feel completely sore in my body. Thus, I concluded that I have gain muscle. I’m scared because I want to look slim and not bulky, but after this quote, I can rest assure. I know the person who type this isn’t a professional or anything, but the comments help me to trust and believe that I’m doing something right!.

“Gaining muscle is good! It helps you stay slimmer in the long run. Don’t be too concerned with the scale. Just go on how you look and feel. You may notice inches coming off your waist or legs but not notice a difference on the scale. The more your muscles are built up, the better your body burns calories on a day to day basis. I’m guessing you’re a girl, and it is almost impossible for girls to get that “bulk” look unless they take supplements and train 3 or 4 hours a day.”

Heathly Living: Cheating or moderation?

Friday, May 20th, 2011

So, Today, I went to starbuck and ordered a Mocha Coconut Frappucino + a Cranberry Orange Scone for the first time. The total calories adds up to 590 calories in additional to my daily calories intake of 1400-1500. So, today I ear nearly around 2000 calories. This definitely far exceed the amount of calories intake that I ususally eat.

However, I think what I did was right. I think life is all about moderation and commitment. Today, I spent time talking to my mentor over the things that are going on in my life. As a result, I felt that the calories was well spent because we both have fun talking and indulging over the meal. Haha, and I won’t hold this against myself because I believe there is no better time I would spend these calories than being around the people who I love and appreciate, and eating it away from them. And beside, It’s not like I’m doing this everyday. I only do this once for every 2-3 months. Thus, I believe the calories are well spent.:)

However, I’m kinda I’m kinda sad b/c I having been gaining weight lately. I have been developing muscle, and after the sore, I gain weight. I’m not sure this is weight from my fat or weight from muscle. But I’m heavier. I hope these muscle will pay off by helping me lose more weight. Well, I don’t know, but I”m sure time will tell. Now, time for me to do some research on Healthy living! 🙂

I guess, in the end, I’m not worried about the increase in calories or the excess sweet that I ate today. Personally, I think I earned it, and that’s why I think I can call it moderation.

Here are a few pictures for you to savor my moderation!

Healthy Living: The Don’ts

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Yes, today, I over ate. 🙁

I’m kinda sad over it and when I walked on the scale, I’m 125lbs again! T__T Which makes it worse, but then again, I thinks its only because I just finish a meal and have not yet digest the food. So, I have been over eating lately. My mom makes really good food. And also, I feel like I have a craving for meat, and I can’t eat meat w/o rice because in asain culture, we eat everything with rice.

Anyway, I think I need to prepare myself with a tons of snacks so this way, I won’t over eat. I don’t know, but I crave meat. I need to find a solution for this.

Here are some helpful tips, I am going to adopt to avoid this “overeating” thing.

How to avoid overeating: [Link]

  1. Drink a glass or ice cold water as soon as you sit down for your meal. Or, enjoy a bowl of broth-based soup just before your entree.
  2. Precede your meal with an apple, raw vegetables or a salad with reduced fat dressing. Doing so will curb your appetite and give your diet a fiber boost.
  3. Keep your blood sugar (and your appetite) at an even keel all day long by not going any longer than 5 hours without having something to eat.
  4. Eat multiple, healthy mini meals throughout the day rather than a few large ones.
  5. Eat a carb and protein-comprised snack 1 to 2 hours before your meal. For example, reduced fat cheese and crackers or cereal with low-fat yogurt.
  6. Avoid overeating due to emotions by talking to a counselor or close friend, or keeping a journal. Or, log on to a message board or chat room you enjoy to get support from your “virtual” friends.
  7. Exercise! When you feel a binge coming on, exercise is a great way to elevate your mood and get your mind of food. It also relieves stress.
  8. When dining out, ask your server to package up half of your entree in to-go container when he brings your meal. Chances are you won’t open that container and eat the rest there and then.

Choose Your Yogurt Wisely

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Choose Your Yogurt Wisely

I think we have all been there. Trying to eat healthy, but the world keep giving us junk! We are surrounded in a world of junk food. Even the most healthiest snack/meal is contaninated with added sugars and fats. How are we suppose to live healthy? Well, first off, we need to be Healthy Living Knowledgeable!

Here is a helpful site! [Link here]

Choose Your Yogurt Wisely

1. StoneyField’s Organic Fat-free Yogurt Brands :
*Love the taste, more reasonably priced than the Greek varieties, organic, higher in sugar but still reasonable. Six live active cultures! Highly recommend this brand, as it is readily available at most grocery stores and CAN be more affordable than other organic yogurt.

2. Oikos Plain Nonfat GREEK yogurt (organic):
*Low in calories and sugar and very high in protein! Five live active cultures! An excellent choice if you can afford it! It was $2.29 at Kroger yesterday for a small 7 oz container! Yikes.

Anyone know where to get the best deals on GREEK yogurt? I am curious!!

3. Yoplait Original (99% fat-free)
*Great flavor, but higher in calories (170 calories per 6 oz container) and sugar (33g per container), sweetened with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), contains live active cultures, but still not highly recommended by me as I try to stay away from high fructose corn syrup and it does not meet the guidelines I suggest.

4. Dannon Fit n Lit:
*Low in calories but sweetened/colored with controversial ingredients; aspartame, acesulfame K, Red 40, Blue 1.  The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) recommends to avoid products containing acesulfame K and aspartame and use caution with artificial coloring like Red 40 and Blue 1. Recommended only if you do not consume yogurt regularly and are more of a milk person.

5. Weight Watchers Yogurt Brands:
*Good flavor, low in calories, and sweetened with sucralose (Splenda), which is considered safe, according to CSPI. However, use in moderation as it does contain Red 40 and Blue 1 which are cautioned against. I would recommend this brand OKAY for an artificially sweetened yogurt!

6. Yoplait Lite:
*I will admit, I LOVE the taste of this yogurt and it is low in calories. However, HFCS is an ingredient I avoid and I do not like how it is also sweetened with aspartame and colored with Red 40 and Blue 1. Not recommended unless you consider it an occasional treat (like I do!).
These six are the main yogurt varieties mentioned by The Healthy Apron Fans
What is your favorite yogurt variety?? I would love to help you navigate through the nutrition facts!!

Healthy Living: Summer Time Healthy Living Style

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

This article was taken from for the purpose of education & informative. [link here]

1. Curbs your appetite.

Get it the drug-free way: Drink water instead! It’s free, simple, and it works: a recent Virginia Tech study found that women who drank two glasses of water before every meal lost more weight than those who took diet pills to curb hunger.

2. Speeds up your metabolism.

Get it the drug-free way: Sorry folks, but the best way to rev your metabolism is through exercise. “Do some heavy resistance training or HIIT (high intensity interval training),” suggests Michele Collier and John Dull, co-creators of the “Supreme 90 Day” system. “After just one session of HIIT, your metabolism can stay elevated for up to 18 hours after.”

3. Increased energy.

Get it the drug-free way: Spice up your meals! “Spicy hot foods and condiments increase circulation and increase metabolism,” says Dr. Lynn Anderson, creator of the “Aero*Boga” DVD. “When you increase circulation to your brain, it gets charged and you get energized.” Anderson recommends adding salsa, red pepper and a little horseradish to meals.

4. Cuts cravings.

Get it the drug-free way: Got a craving for chocolate that just won’t quit? Take a whiff of peppermint. One study done at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia found that subjects who regularly took sniffs of peppermint throughout the day consumed 2,800 calories less per week than their non scent-smelling counterparts. Researchers believe this may be because when our brains focus on a strong scent (such as peppermint) our focus is shifted away from the food we may be craving.

5. Reduces calorie intake.

Get it the drug-free way: Eat in volume. If you like to eat, don’t fight it! Instead, indulge in low-calorie, high-volume foods like broth-based soups, popcorn or large salads. A recent study published in the journal Appetite found that subjects who consumed soup before a meal ate 20 percent less calories at mealtimes than those that didn’t.

Quote of the day!

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

There is nothing you can’t have tomorrow so there is no reason to eat it all today.”